Nelson by 1 Button SARL – Help tiny kitty in hard platformer game by leaping tough levels

Nekosan By 1Button SARL

Genre:Arcade Developer:1 Button SARL

Developer 1 Button SARL has been added one more fun mobile games, including the popular Mr Jump which released on Android recently. A one touch platformer game and speaking about there work 1Button has done various puzzle genre. But it’s also true – Nekosan is a game about a cute cat from the makers of Mr Jump.  Which is full of surprise And while sometimes you will get frustrated and chaos due to its levels difficulty, others will enjoy with smile due to its elegant design and minimalistic visuals even while they’re dying with simple rules with heavy platformer gameplay.

Also you play as interesting character a cute little cat can wall jump to change direction, though he will still be running around automatically. You come across numerous variety of levels promise plenty of challenge, to continue your trill of the game it has provided you with more features to unlock additional characters that aren’t just cats by collecting fish which is really tough to get. The levels are categorised as 8 chapters with 10 levels each. But its not simple how it sounds, but they are often lost more quickly than you think .


Your task is simple You will need to catch a number of stars and other animals in each level. Completing each level requires pixel-perfect timing and jumps and you can except death often to those who mess up even one small hop. And you have nine lives per set of 10 levels, and if you lose them all sends you right back to the start of the set. Beat the lot and you unlock the next, harder group to take on finally master it.

You are really going to enjoy this beautifully designed simple art style with minimalist visual and all that just works really great. Gameplay and controls are incredibly smooth, levels flow perfectly and when you get everything right to the place you feel great satisfaction. Task is to control a tiny little cat which moves in one direction which attempts to hit wall. All you do in the game is jumping just with simple tap on the screen.


All that matters is the control where you can’t actively control the cat’s direction. you can jump on walls in the height of what you absolutely needed in the often very hard to reach stars . The game follows rules how high the cat jumps, so a short tap gives a short hop, and a longer tap will give the cat its highest jump.  Expect high level of challenging task mainly due to thorns, rather than that  frustrating is  small white mice. While the mice can switch off by jumping, this is usually not possible with the thorns – sometimes by a switch. Every small mistake will cost you one of your lives. If  you loose lives you don’t even  master the 10th level of a levelpacks.


The Game Neksan will surprise you with just how well you perform and how much fun it will reward to you. It makes you impatient and inaccessible levels but game will reward back thrill, excitement when you finally succeed these annoying levels and game Nekson wrapping it all up in a beautiful package of small characters and game mechanics.The Neksan is the game’s unique hook, and it delivers on its promise.