Enjoy hitting the app stores games which is top 10 Mobile games because while the good stuff can come from anywhere, we have a bunch the best of it will come from this group of titles right here.

Top 10 new mobile games you need to play this week

1.Pinout mediocre AB

Genre:Arcade Developer:mediocre AB

Pinout developed by mediocre AB is currently a new trend game and making its hit business, topping the free game chart . A new cool twist on classic pinball, splicing in endless climber elements for a proper mobile high-score chaser. The game doesn’t do a lot to your classic pinball formula but it goes beyond trying to make it more progression-focused. The game allows twist of the format that means you might require a little more guidance than simply getting good at pinball. Follow these three key principles and you’ll see your score shooing up game is all about wringing points out of a static game field. Which presents you with an endless, constantly evolving pinball table and an ever-ticking timer. So, the key is to keep moving and Generally, where you want it to go in this case is up some ramp to another pinball table so you can get a higher score. Reaching a new stage directly related to your ball physically travelling a certain distance. You can find little score bar which is constantly ticking away at the bottom of the screen represents the distance to the next change in stage. Avoid dilly-dallying around in the same spot for too long.

The game Pinout has taken its new form in 21st century mechanics of pinball and melds them with the ongoing action of an arcade game and the design aesthetic of Tron, apparently.


2.Lifeline: Flatline (by 3 Minute Games)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:3 Minute Games

You will be surprised to see this game because this is as scary as previous Lifeline games have been, this one looks like it might take the cake. You play a role of wynn, a women who has woken up alone inside a scientific facility with no memory except the feeling that she needs to escape. She can only escape with your help, also you can expect various hugs that might not want her to, and the game gives you a heart rate monitor to let you know your decisions are helping and hurting. Also this game sounds like great one to download for Halloween.



.The Last Door: Season 2 by Phoenix Online Studios

Genre:Point & Click adventure game Developer:Phoenix Online Studios

This a point & click adventure game with deep horror titles. The game Kitchen an indie studio based in Spain, kills two crows with one stone as it perfectly merges classic adventure and unrelenting horror with its pixelated series The Last Door. After long waiting for two years the release of The Last Door: Collector’s Edition, we finally get to continue the nightmarish tale with The Last Door: Season 2. If you compare the season two the first was just a tiny peek behind the piece that separates our reality from a realm of mysterious darkness. The Last Door: Season 2 pulls the veil all the way back to reveal a terrifying adventure game that proves you don’t need buckets of blood, jump-scares cutting-edge or  visuals to be  deeply scary. In the Last Door season 1 chills come in decidedly lowe fashion, but it doesn’t mean they’re less effective, and people are desperately waiting for release for this second chapter of point-and-click adventure for a while. Your journey starts victorian England, and focused  manly on the psychologist to the first season’s protagonist.

The Last Door: Season 2 takes you to four new episodes which will keep you occupied for a while, and if you find the last Door, please let us know what’s on other side:unless it’s something unspeakably horrible.



4. Vikings: an Archer’s Journey by PINPIN TEAM SARL

Genre:Adventure Developer:PINPIN TEAM SARL


Most of the players have already experienced historically mobile games are good at two things endless running and twanging projectiles. examples some of the hit games like Canabalt and Angry Birds. And Vikings: An Archer’s Journey combines these two gameplay styles, were wrapping it all up in a beautiful package with lush, storybook-esque art. Even though the game is an infinite runner in core of game, the developers have implemented a story to go along with the action. Players will take controls of Nott, a Valkyrie that has incurred the wrath of Nordic gods, and her punishment is having her loyal wolf, Oder sent to the underground in a dwelling of the deceased, also known as Helheim. The Hero Nott gathers up her crew and sets out on an adventurous  journey to recover her faithful companion.

The game’s classic risk Versus reward mechanic all these works beautifully here. And your character which is apparently on a quest to retrieve a wolf, runs from right to left on a @D plane. As your combo increases the music builds in layers. And this is a combo-driven game, each consecutive kill builds a score multiplier. Unfortunately if you miss one shot and everything is lost.


5.The Lost Shield by Game Stew

Genre:Adventure Developer:Game Stew

You play as hero, the same buffed out warrior character from the tower of Fortune games. And Hero acts as the main segment of your segment of your paddle for brick-breaking, with additional characters added to the sides to make for a larger paddle. And as you play can unlock a wide variety of special characters to add to your group each has got their own unique abilities. The Lost Shield is a best frantic game of evasion and last-second saves and power-ups filling the screen with cloned balls and companion attacks. The game offers fast-packed brick breaking action, clever mission and a charming old-school aesthetic.The Lost Shield is a blend of brick breaking and adventure that gives one the impressioned the best video game hero is to brea stuff. Lego games have always backed that up. And battle and smash your way through more than 50 stages, defeating six bosses.

The main story-driven is spread across with 6 different areas within 9 levels each, for total of 54 levels. At the end boss fight is very challenging with lots of skills required and sometimes some light puzzle solving in order to defeat.



6. Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator (By Gambitious Digital Entertainment)

Genre:Arcade Developer:Gambitious Digital Entertainment

I am always a fans of games that offer truth in titling. Oh…Sir actually is an insult simulator, where you choose words and phrases to verbally assault your opponent in the finest British fashion.  And a game was surprisingly developed in just 48 hours during a game jam themed on Monty Python’s Dead Parrot sketch. Which came up last year only had a local multiplayer mode, so if you are interested something more then the sequel takes the original concept and expands on it greatly. You come across six different playable characters each with their own weakness and insecurities and multiple locations were to verbally thrown down should mean hours od insults and fun. You choose two modes in Insult SImulaor:Insult CPU or Insult a Human.If you prefer Insult a Human you can go either locally (same device) or online through Game Center. But regardless of how you choose to play the game, or you choose to go against the CPU you can go with the Instant Argument or Tournament mode. The goal remains sampan argument ensures between your protagonist and another British character, and to settle the argument.

The first one to Knock the opponents hit the points to zero and wins the argument.And I love the quirky spirit and pungent insults that you can create, and thecombo to score more and more points, It’s witty and silly, game which likely keep you entertained for a long time.



7.Mmmonster (by Wefiends, Inc.)

Genre:Arcade Developer:Wefiends

I feel sometimes these monsters just need a little snack, and if said snack just turns out to be a kid, so this is the concept. The game is perfect for Halloween just happens to be a time when numerous kids out the place wandering the street, turning it into something of a moveable feast. Mmmonster is a puzzle game where you control the cute little monster trying to eat the Kids, but be careful don’t get caught.” You’ve got only your candy and wits to help you after you’re full you can unlock new monsters. So Happy snacking



8.Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner By Double Coconut LLC

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Double Coconut LLC


I just love quirky puzzle game with the mix of platforms  I was really hooked. Parallyzed is a interesting take on the platformer genre and its well out on both IOS and Android like Limbo, paralysed is set in a bright game with a dark story, which is played in a chanting dreamscape. The twin sisters, Blue and Red are connected to each other, well but they are different with their own personality and abilities. One day Red sister becomes jealous of Blue and in a swift second she pushes her beloved sister off the swing and paralyses her. In this devastated situation, Red finds the solution by entering into Blue’s mind and they can work together to bring Blue back out of her coma and into waking life.

In the game you play simultaneously as both sisters blue and red, You’ve to work the levels taking advantage of the sisters unique gifts to take them safely through journey swap between sisters accordingly.



9.The Forgotten Room by Glitch Games Ltd

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Glitch Games LTD

Its a point and Click horror adventure game and step forward The Forgotten Room in an atmospheric and intuitive game packed full of spooky puzzles and its a perfect season.



10.Epic Orchestra

Genre:Arcade Developer: Moby, Inc


Its a Rhythm action games which is typically paired with chirpy chip tunes, cheesy rock and  pumping electronica. Which applies the fascinating twist of marrying the concept with classical music. which is very charming and Rhythm games are known for living and dying by their soundtrack and they have a wide enough appeal to cover a huge fanbase which is interesting. In game you are tasked with playing along to a selection of classical pieces which have been lovingly rearranged for a chip tune orchestra.

the game combines frantic rhythm action with beautiful, sombre music, It’s beautifully presented and huge fun to play,  it’s one of the most pleasant ways to experience classical music you can find.