Roofbot a tricky puzzles in colourful charming RofBot.

Roofbot: Puzzler On The Roof

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Double Coconut LLC

Robot developed by Double Coconut which is a beautiful puzzle game like A Good Snowman  Is Hard To Build, Monument Valley. Its all about small cute robot who is just trying to cure the planet and save his beloved family. These kinds of games helps to stimulate your brain and just sit down and unwind with this puzzle which keeps you relaxed which will be your great choice of game.

These days I have gone through  most of the puzzle which are boredom, these I can’t help but get drawn to new ones that come out each week. Which is highly appreciated by the players and listed in “New Games we love” Section. Also I guessed it will be huge hit this week due to its special isometric perspective graphics and The game starts out with some opening scenes that explain quite neatly all the situation, and these are beautifully well executed and animated.


The controls in the game are simple and straightforward and levels themselves looks like zen-like rooftop architectures which are composed of ever-changing tiles which gives great pleasure to eyes and elements of the game reminisce about Nanuleu in depth. Overall colors of the game Robot is something special which more details in the background of each stage which creates a sense of rooftop is different from one another, so you can always expect something new look the game. It will put you in control of the titular fan-headed robot, as it moves colored blocks across a numerous variety of challenging rooftop puzzles

And atop the tower you must carry blocks to waiting switches, using portals, other obstacles to your advantage and fans and you can check out each rooftop is an unstable structure, with tiles falling away when you pass over them; this hectic challenges makes you to plan each move carefully to avoid getting trapped. And you can enjoy upto 100 isometric stages following your hero’s journey to defeat the evil uber-bot threatening Roofbot‘s robot world.


Goal of the puzzle is simple just reach the glowing portal tile at the end, make use of your energy objects into proper slots to lower the tiles. Game introduces more complication in levels by changing the architecture roofs, with more energy shapes and new game mechanics (like portals) are thrown into the mix. This means that each move you plan to  make will either take you to the goal or trap you on the roof, so before making tough decision just think and move before you make it.