Combining puzzle and magic strategy RPG, fight against other player online.

alternamagic_1Refuse results without thought, the war situation is ever-changing, requires strategy and command, reasonably gather energy and cast skills, coordinate with your summon creatures to defeat opponents.

alternamagic_2Classical magical setting, with creatures from Duel of Champions and Magic the Gathering. Each creature has its unique characteristics, according to the enemy’s battle formation and creature specialties, adjustments positions reasonably, counter against all enemies!

alternamagic_3Core skill-profession system, 5 major professions with total 50 unique skills, each skill is distinct from another, coordinate with special passive of each profession, according to battlefield situation, directly attack champion, kill summon creatures, summon new monsters, apply buffs, weaken opponents, set ward, gather resources, use in countless ways to end opponents.
alternamagic_4Reality PK! Strategy showdown! Battle against people, endless joy!
World Class SLG Mobile Game! PK battle is not a simple formation competition, you also need to train character, and gather resources, cleverly cast skills, coordinate your formation specialties with creatures to gain advantages, together with some luck, defeat opponent!
The game has a lot of empty blood turnaround situation, changing the outcome, do not give up easily, use wisdom to seize the opportunity to win the decisive blow to the opponent!

alternamagic_5Cute girls and lots of benefits!
Many cute creatures and lots of beautiful female players, the hardcore game with the cutest girls!
Come to Solo! ~