Jump Room by Smilerush is a challenging game that will keep you hooked. The game is available in both play store and app store. The developers at Smilerush always come up with the titillating gameplay. I liked their game Hit The Pillar as well.


To talk about the gameplay of Jump room, it is a thrilling arcade game and these games are of the type where you just try to improve your previous score. In Jump room all you have is one tap control which is responsive.


You have to avoid the spikes and collect the dots to score points. The dots can be collected by jumping up and falling down wherever the dots appear. The gameplay seems to be a little similar to the famous game Flappy bird. But you will love playing Jump Room.


The light colors used in the game looks impressive. The simple and elegant design makes you play the game again and again. The sound track is pleasing to hear.


Nowadays people are so much into pokemon go but not to forget there are many other games out there to challenge your intrinsic skill. Jump Room is one of them. And these types of games include quick-play, which can be played whenever your are free for few minutes, may be in line somewhere.


Its been a week I started playing Jump Room and I like its gameplay. If you want to be entertained whenever you are free for few minutes then Jump Room is a game meant for you. Check out how many points you can score.