Panda Poet By spry Fox – connect letters to form words

panda Poet Spry Fox connect letters to form words

Panda Poet Spry Fox

Genre:Arcade Developer:Spry Fox

Game Panda Poet Developed by Spry Fox a match – 3 genre game, the game is highly understandable and easy to pick up and incredibly addictive and complete experience of game is pretty darn adorable. A woderful game to kill time alco Panda Poet proves that game still left its charm.

Unsurpriseingly game feels lot like Triple Town in mny difernt ways. Also we can say its probably best described as combination of Triple Town and words with friends. The game plays on agrid and when you start the game there’s  a number of letters in the center. As per game’s rule goal is to make framw words from those letters. But unlike say scrabble its not necessaey to connect letters to be used. You just have to frame words simply selecting suitable words.


You can play the game with new additional words of letters which will appear on the screen, you and your opponent will take turn until board is completely full. There are some interesting aspects in points like certain words you frame than others will regain more points, and you’ll come across ones that provide multupliers to boost your points total even further. Other fascinating things you come across as you create more words letters will turn into pandas that can increase your score these cute little pands can be turned into bigger ones when you link these pandas with more points. You can control pandas and their points they hold in the strategic play and overtake your opponents’s pandas also you can take back many features from it.

All features of the Panda makes very enjoyable with great ultiplayer experience and also game offers plenty of ways tomenjoy the gae with other people. You can invite your friends or strangers online on the same computer . Game is very addictive you can find asynchronous play in both words with friends and can find number of game feature going at once.


You can find game is already overloaded with charm presentation with great soundtract and plenty of cute little pandas growing bigger and smaller with these game you can waste a lot of time with. After several years of games exsistence still its retained its charm as one the best word games I have come across




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