Top 10 Mobile games of the week

we’d like to intoduce you towards ten mobile games that just hit the app stores this week, all of which we believe are worth checking out.

Top 10 mobile games you need to play this week


1.Rusty Lake:Roots

Genre:Puzzle Developer: Room Escape Games

Rusty Lake is a point and Click adventure game. visual style clearly speaks about the heavily influenced by Anderson’s iconic movie,  Which acts as a Roots is the newest entry in this atmospheric series, The main goal is to build a family tree as you play through a different levels with diffrent character. The game has a good amount of variety in the different animals you could ride and stuff, which is certainly distinctive. As you progress through levels you unlock more and more pictures, experiencing the beginning and end of your characters’ lives so you can continue to build your tree.

Rusty lake:Root is actually a tenth game in the series, and majority is titled Cube Escape. And all are revolve around the same mysterious lake resort and the strange events that occur there. Most entries will put you in a new protagonist’s shoes, setting and even time period, but all are interconnected to slowly unravel the legend of Rusty Lake. You might play as Protagonist murderer in one game and detective in another. Overall its a interesting concept.



2.Mini Metro by Playdigious

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Dinosaur Polo Club

Game Mini Metro is a subway management simulator puzzle game objective of the game is crafting an efficient network for transporting resources and then progress under pressure and tight limitations. Don’t ignore this beautifully minimalist aesthetic puzzle game it’s a relaxing minimalist visual hides a challenging juggling act, that requires planning a head and in the moment to keep everything moving smoothly. As a controller it’s your job to design the subway layout successfully so as not to cause chaos and delays and disrupt on your journey. Game is very easy to manipulate similar like understanding by visually. Just with simple dragging between stations to connect them, holding on stations to disconnect them, placing additional trains on lines. There are several different ways of rail reconstruction you can keep pace with Mini Metro’s ever growing number of stations.

Mini Metro is a IGF award-winning strategy game that needs to be played. So what are you waiting for just grab the game for £3.99/$4.99.



 3.The Bug Butcher (by Noodlecake Studios)

Genre:Action Developer:Noodlecake Studios

The game Bug Butcher developed by Noodlecake Studios a 2-D arcade game shooter set on the fictional planet Zoit. I always love to play a Kick back action packed game where Action and humor often make for a nice mix, The Bug Butcher looks to have them both in spades. You guide exteinator Harry, which takes on to an infested research building on the planet Zoit and have to save a bunch of scientist who’ve got into insect-related trouble. You’ll need to bring some heavier weaponry to the party involves blasting, shooting and blowing them up with a various insanely-overpowered weaponry. If you want to survive timing and fast reflexes play a crucial role. Game’s mechanic is based on old-arcade classic “Super Pand” style shoot in vertical direction by moving character  left and right, dash, and fire. Each level has you fighting off waves of enemies which come in all directions. Bunch of enemies will be bouncing around so use this chance to blast them.

As usual like other games the main focus of the game is on set high scores. To make your equip more powerful charge up your combos, grab as many coins as you can, generally not to get crushed by monsters flobbling  around the screen.



.4.Alchademy By Apps-O-Rama

Genre:Arcade Developer:Apps-O-Rama

Alchademy developed by Apps-O-Rama, casual game with lot of the mechanics including waiting/idle/collecting. you have to collect books filled with mysterious and strange creations you use for your work. Alchademy ismuch darker and more complicated, chaos as you play as an alchemy student this reminds me (Harry Potter movie). The game is Mix spooky ingredients to form other ingredients and satisfying your curiosity. The game is just simple concept combining ingredients to create new things and rinse and repeat. In cauldron and alchemist is a wall with selves for various ingredients that you can put into the pot for better outcome ingredient. When you’re satisfied with outcome hit the stir button .This is when the timers come in exist — at first, the timers will be relatively short, but as you make more combinations, these timers go for longer pushing this will reward you with gold coins .

You can find specia purple gems which are the premium currency, you can use for your benefit byn purchasing a new recipe books and different alchemists to spice things up




5.RETSNOM By Magic Cube

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer:Magic Cube

Here’s a game with interesting premise. The game has the frightening feel and pixelated zombie monstrosities of Lone Survivor, which is both puzzle and platformer game RETSNOM as the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, is MONSTER spelled backwards.  Were you flipping the layout of environments to mirrored and alternate realities where our protagonist can put quick steps and leap his way through them. And you’ve got a daughter infected by a zombie virus, and the only way to save her is to steal the cure from the future. However you may faces many individuals in whom the same virus is more advanced making them appear like monsters. The cure for the daughter is hidden in a maze riddled with mirrors.

However the scientists in the furture are hidden within maze of mirrors, So protagonist has to push and rearrange various aspect of levels and find cure for his beloving daughter




6.Break Liner (by Mamau)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Mamau

A beautiful and simple arcade game loved by everyone. It’s definitely one of those games that will make you think before you make your move, and a great option to consider when you just want to kick back and relax with a nice puzzler.  Here task is you have to break the similar colored lines and have to be quick enough and push your self to score high before you break yourself.
The game has great scoring system and chiptune music. unlock various abilities by collecting diffrent ships

7.Jump Room (by Smilerush)


  Genre:Arcade Developer:SmileRush

Jump Room developed by SmileRush is a charming Arcade game that is fit for the Halloween season which is just around the corner. If you have already enjoyed cute games like Pudding Monsters, Pokaboo then you are bound to get a kick out of Jump Room. When it comes to mobile games one of my favorite genres is Arcade. To go in line with the Halloween theme, there is Jump Room, another worthy addition to your collection. The Arcade games  don’t necessarily have to be complicated or tricky. It can be simple and easy to pickup, yet still provides a impressive challengeing levels. Every one are quite enjoying minimal designed games which is now trending in modernised way.  Game is all about you controlling little monster leaping up and falling down to collect dots by avoiding sharp moving spikes and push yourself to score high as possible. And unlock various monster characters

The game makes use of both dark and vibrant colors that are rich and crisp on Retina displays, and there is still a nice amount of charm with the ghost character sprite. But it’s also incredibly charming in a way that makes it near impossible to put down



 8.Puzzlepops! Trick or Treat (By Layton Hawkes)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Layton hawkes

Puzzlepops are really big treat for Halloween. If you are already crazy for Halloween, candy and puzzles then this is the perfect mashup of everything you love. Like other game puzzlepops Trick and Treat are based on Levels. There are total seven chapters in the game, with about 10 levels in each. You can enjoy first three chapters with the initial download-othe four capters (50 more levels) are part of the premium upgrade.

Goal of the Puzzlepops is simple get the candy pieces into their appropriate spots on the lollipop sticks, but it’s much challengeing than you think. The game features staples like Dracula lips, Big eyeballs, Candy corn and bats all are perfect figures for Halloween




9.Sembl (By Artgig Studio)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Artgig Studio

SEMBL game developed by Artgig Studio some the titles are Mystery World Town, Alien Buddies, Jump Number now SEMBL every one are quite enjoying minimalist designed games which is now trending in modernised way. The puzzle games don’t necessarily have to be complicated or tricky. It can be simple and easy to pickup, yet still provides a challengeing puzzle for player provided geometric shapes. SEMBL is a game of mimeograph . When you enter the game, you are presented with a  geometric shapes that you must redesign. Using simple touch controls, you can paint, punch, cut,  spin or stencil, to transform your initial shape into the design you want.

There are two ways you can enjoy the game:  Challenge or journey In Challenge, you can complete as many designs as possible before the time runs out. Points later awarded for  accuracy, speed and maxing out the time on the countdown bar. In Journey, you master levels at your own pace, and earn stars by completing designs with the specified number of possible moves.



 10.Ultimate Solid: Origins (by sam Ryan)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Sam Ryan

Ultimate Solid is physics-based game and  solid mix of puzzle and platformer with a dark edge card. And goal of the game is not to collide with any hostile elements on the way to the finish line. You can survive for long hours by jumping in limited number of moves and by slightly adjusting the strength and angle of each jump in levels.




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