Ski Safari developed by Defiant Developer absoultely I love this adventure game

Ski Safari 2

Genre:Arcade Developer:Defiant Developer

Ski Safari 2 Developed by Defiant Developer I played it for a few days, just didn’t want to stop playing safari 2 forever. I find myself completely hooked in minutes, the game had a good amount of variety in the different animals you could ride and stuff, It still kept my attention for a long time. Game itself is a solid score chaser, which is reasonably fresh mountain-slider.

Ski Safari 2 is a ridiculos mixture of extreme sports and the endless-running genres. Lokks like You’re sliding down a 2D mountain, chased at all times by a calamitous a mass of snow.  And in the game you’re still flying down wintery slopes as intense and far as possible. Tapping on the screen lets you perform a jump. You have to follow all the tricks and trapping you’d expect and few additions to the formula the first game laid  down. During my  first few trials I was really struggling to find some hold on the game, I can say the gameplay is really unique.


In the gameplay players control interesting avatars as they attempt to speed away from calamitous a mass of snow that crush down the mountain behind them. Eventually you’ll wipe out enough times that the mass of snow overtakes you and it’s game over. During your unreachable escape you’ll collide with all sorts of wildlife and environmental objects like flying down wintery slopes as quick and far as possible, crashing through cabins while riding yetis and penguins, frozen mammoths moving along smashing everything in their way. And collect some coins to spend on shops objects that can both help and stop your escape, and main goal is on overall score.

Controls in the game are simple and straightforward when you are in your snowboard and simple tap will translates to a jump. Longpress does slowly backflippings. Tapping on a screen lets you perform jump and if you hold your finger down you’ll start to spin in the air. Doing dangerous stunts like backflips will earn you points,  You can swipe and hld to flip at the same time. Be careful don’t mess up your landing these walls of the snow will get closer. Outside gameplay you can find cool new stuffs. with addition to default snow level, with coins you can purchase  extra environments prehistoric stage with dinosaurs, stone houses, lava right out of The Flintstones, and a wild west stage complete with tumbleweeds, minecarts and tornadoes. Each one has bit diffrent animals to ride and traps and they both feel a little harder as well. Still each of the three environments has a different set of missions to complete, which entirely makes it feel like three entire games in one. Which looks quite amazing.


The objectives of game range from a top power lines for a certain amount of time, breaking through X number of rocks, or ramping off of a roof while riding on top of a penguin. You are rewarded with gold coins which can use later to unlock different items for your avatar to wear, new skis/vehicles/snowboards, and two other entirely different landscapes to traverse through: Old Western and prehistoric. If you want to speed up amount of coins you can always buy the double or any of the coin packs. Game has great potential to keep you come back again and again. With three different worlds definitely made me feel thrill and satisfactory