Flud developed by  Appsolute Games – Tricky and challenging puzzle  push yourself to fill all colors in the cells before successfully moving on to the next stage


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Appsolute Games LLC


Flud developed by Appsolute Games LLC a gorgeous minimalistic aesthetic design puzzle game about flooding the screen with color. which would appeal puzzle lovers of the globe. In your spare time take a few moments to just sit down and relax to find most joy in Flud level based puzzle game. Which is really worth because it acts as great brain simulator and gives you tons of joy.

The game is loved by everyone which is embraced by  bright and vivid detailed colors mixed  with the shades of white gray. Per simpler wiper you start a flood,Which then propagates straight through the white areas and those wrapped in the color of the environment. These moving square grids resembles like waves of sea. Game looks quite simple at beginning later complexity increases as you move advance.

Players can enjoy 72 stages in total provided with four chapters and 18 tricky puzzle to solve. Though players could play any six of the stages on the level pay and can skip particular stage by returing to a previous level if he feels boredom. Also you can enjoy an unlimited fun without timers or points to earn. But to add more gloosy to game players are provided with limited amount of moves and resources, which is quit challenging to play.


Game Flud features geometric shapes and the level layouts includes of squares to form grid. However, a flood moves precisely straight ahead, which is not seriously helpful in complex labyrinths in Levels. The arrows represented in the gameplay will change the direction of flow. The goal of the game is to flood all of the cells with color before moving in advance to the next stage.

Controls in the gameplay are simple and fluid You can begin the flow of the color stream, by swiping a start cell to continue a flow until it hits ideally dead end. The arrow tiles in gameplay are placed on the grid where it will move forward. To settle  arrows, double tap on the space you want them to settle in, and to change the direction to plan the route for the floods caused by the levels of flow just swipe the arrows. Just using your intelligence will make Flood even more easy.


The game can be enjoyed by everyone with minimalist graphics and tricky puzzle gives more oozing cham to game But what it does brilliantly is condense simple puzzle game into one ridiculous title, with plenty of challenge to keep you pushing yourself. But it’s also incredibly charming in a way that makes it nearly impossible to put down.