It’s been a while I played any puzzle game. I will be just waiting for challenging puzzle games to hit the play store as its not only keeps my mind busy but also entertains. When I checked Broken Lines I was intrigued by its new creative concept of gameplay. brokenlines_1Broken Lines by John Hester is a sensational and challenging puzzle. The game has a very clean and elegant design and it is something I love to see in games like these.

The gameplay is superb. The controls are simple and responsive, you just have to tap to select the lines. The action sound in the background adds to the thrill of the game.

Broken Lines is a superb puzzle game with infinite, algorithmically generated levels.  The objective of the game is to unscramble the tiles so that the lines connect into closed rectangles.

The difficulty of the game increases as you advance through the levels. If you want to start with more challenging gameplay you can also skip the levels.

In Broken Lines each level will have atleast one possible solution, but usually there are many. When you feel that you are frozen in a particular level, you have options to either peek at a possible solution for a second or you can also restart the level partially solved.


You can earn a new peek when you complete a level without any assistance. And when you are held up in any difficult level and you don’t have any peeks left, you can replay an easier level to earn another peek or opt to generate a new puzzle on the existing level.


The aim of the developers of Broken Lines was to provide challenging experience that doesn’t get old with repeated playing. And for this the levels are algorithmically generated, they can never be the same, even if you are replaying the previous level.


A very talented player can continue through infinite new levels as long as they’re able to.  While the algorithmic puzzles do provide a degree of randomness, the ability to reach high levels is largely based on skill rather than luck.


No doubt it will definitely test your intrinsic skill. The game is currently available for Android so its time to check out your puzzle solving skills.  The iOS version will be released in the next few weeks. All iPhone users be ready to download the most challenging puzzle game. Its a must try game for all those who love challenging games.