Almost Impossible developed by Daniel Counsell- Its almost Impossible to ignore such a gorgeous game by any one

Almost Impossible

Genre:Platformer Developer:Daniel Counsell

The game Almost Impossible developed by Daniel Counsell a great puzzle game with lots of challenges. Which is Almost impossible to ignore it, a side-scrolling platformer game had a good amount of variety in the different levels you could ride and stuff, but it still will keep my attention for long time. I have to admit this sequel looked pretty sweet. Maybe the gorgeous Alto’s Adventure. Every now and then, a game catches me totally off-guard and I find myself completely hooked in minutes. Usually this is a game  that I find myself daydreaming about when I’m away from home, but every now and then I cross paths with a challenging mobile game experience that my mind keeps wandering back to.

Almost Impossible is a ridiculos mixture of extreme physics engine and endless-running genres. You’re bouncing ball exploding into little squares when crashed with obstacles is superb physics action used. The game has a great visual effects style with the retro future graphics, so it is like a modernized 8-bit look. You have to follow all the tricks and trapping you’d expect and few additions to the formula the game laid  down also. Its tricky and stressful ,It’s also incredibly charming in a way that makes its nearly impossible to put down. Beginning levels are easy to manage As progress of level increases, more mechanics are thrown in each level.


The objective of the game is you control bouncing ball, and players must make their way through over fifty levels of platforming action in linear order. By tapping right or left of the screen and traverse through various obstacles that are programmed to kill you. This side-scrolling platformer with more than 50 levels short levels but truely impressed levels. Each stage flows seamlessly into the next level, and the only indication that you’ve made it to the next map is the particle marker line that serves as a kind of checkpoint. The ball bounces constantly up and down and level design are not really tough you can survive very easy.

You would have observed one thing when you die, there’s a nice animation  created due to bouncing ball explosion into little squares and gorgeous dynamic shadows effects of light system with the blocks when the ball explodes relative to the light source in each area. And physics engine which adds more charm to the game. I wish Developer Dan adds more fasinating level in future. And you love game when you can go forward and backward as you please in the game, you still have to be careful of  calamitous  and time your movements correctly to safely get success dangerous obstacles. Because single wrong decision will ruin evrything. And you don’t get a level select, but instead you cross checkpoints in between stages that are all connected.


Almost Impossible is a great game and impossible to ignore. It’s pretty, it’s fun, and it has the potential to keep you coming back for weeks or even hours. And There’s a bunch of beautiful physics engine additions here and there too to spice things up.There is Game Center support for competing with your friends for high scores.