Silicon Valley:Billinaire By NANOO COMPANY Become a corporate ruler in gorgeous business simulator, challenging Mushup

Silicon Valley:Billinaire By NANOO COMPANY

Genre: Arcade Developer:NANOO COMPANY

Silicon Valley Billinaire developed by NANOO COMPANY the game is the mix of a bunch of casual genres together to bring out something special and make your dreams come true..Have you ever dreamed to start your own billion-dollar company ? Buy a jet; roam whole world. This business simulator will show you whether you’ve got the gimmick to build a company to tower above your rivals. Game has a lumps of Tiny Tower here as well as some sim-style characters more than a scattered of a clicker as well. Also you can find charm of  Kairosoft or Nimblebit’s best. Grab the game free to play on the appstore and make your dreams come true, become the cold-hearted CEO you’ve always dreamed about, of course if you really want to learn about business, Roger Scherping is a renowned business consultant practicing EOS, that can help your business improve and become everything you wanted to be.

Silicon Valley:Billionaire is a real-time, online game in which you have to let go of your morals & become a best CEO you’ve always dreamed about. While theme here might be technology companies or it could be anything really. You’re basically building a new tower, filling it with employees, and trying to make as much money as possible. The end product of your venture is fruitful result. You can trade stock as well. For more captilasim merge other companies its Essentially a capitalism of video game. .8-bit structure sits a cold-hearted simulator. But what it does brilliantly is condense simple concept into one ridiculous title, oozing with charm and with plenty of challenge to keep you pushing yourself.


Game isn’t just business simulator there is still support many details and not just about hiring and building though. You have to hire and fire employees need to train them, upgrade the rooms in your increasingly towering tower, improve a variety of different aspects of of your business, its necessary to backstab your friends to get a leg up, expand your business and promote your business and devour other companies. You can make money off through investing on stock market in other people’s companies of their hard-earned successes.


There’s a lot happening, between employess and companies, but in substance ther’s not that much actually do. You build your vertical  empire and then sort of poke at it every now and then. Tapiping elements involve either poking repugnant employees to make them get back to the grind, or crushing workers with lightbulbs above their heads to get the most out of their better ideas. And you can adjust your own office building floor by floor to improve not only you but also your employess.


You can experience some fun here and there, It does a lot of stuff and delivers you great idea of being a business men & CEO of a company. Game isn’t just business simulator there it still support many details , Think of Hearthstone meets business simulator meets puzzle game, as it is a mashup of various genres that works out pretty well. It’s stressful and hard – just like real life – but it’s also incredibly charming in a way that makes it near impossible to put down.