Sleepy Mouse developed by Dan Norris- Not to allow sleepy mouse to wake up hungry

Sleepy Mouse

genre:Puzzle Developer:Dan Norris

Sleepy Mouse developed by Dan Norris there are some games that like to play around with the shape of their genre. And games that love to try new and exciting things just to see what works better and what doesn’t. Just put together and everything that it sets out to do is does perfectly fine.. Task of the game is not allow sleepy mouse to wake up hungry.

As soon as you see the game you feel its so simple it does you’ve seen before, done better and by games with far more assurance and fair. The game is all about feeding a sleeping mouse cheese. More cheese equals better dreams,  so you need to twang slabs of the yellow stuff towards the bed the mouse in leaning on. You have  already came across flat Angry Birds which cause less destruction and little more puzzle solving.


Controls in Sleepy Mouse are fluid and straightforward just drag your finger on the cheese to pull back your shot, slide it around to aim then release to fireit on its dairy way. Each shot in game will costs you a sheep, and you get a set number of sheep every level. If you’ve got some of the fluffy little blighters is  left out when you do progress in a level you’ll grab some extra points. The number of shots you take in each level depends on how many sheep you have, if you run out of sheep then Hungry Mouse wakes up and you lose, Ans there are some occasional sheep to be collected in  a level.

In Sleepy Mouse there are numerous of hazards when trying to feed this sleeping hungry Mouse like holes, traps, digital alarms, magnets, Alaram clocks and more will stand your path trying to cost you your victory. When you move deeper into the experience and there are buttons to press extra sheep to pick up and alarms clocks to avoid so you can complete your missions. Game offers you so many extra points for bouncng the cheese offf more walls, the control scheme works perfectly well and star rating system pushes you to try and find the easiest way to deliver your cheesy bite to the slimy substance of the napping rodent.


Later in the game the Blue cheese is introduced whick makes the gameplay feel closer to a pool game than a golf game; you knock this wheel around to activate buttons and fill holes etc. I feel this is a great mix up and I preferred this outlook to the simple golf style. I wish to see more levels to be intoduced down here. And game gives you great experience of meeting new challenges, they seems resetting the difficult for later section of levels and its the part of game to increase the complexity and keep the thrill to continue.

But to be frank the whole thing is so inspiring that you’ll no get bored at any time. There’s just more spark in  here,  enthusiasm, Game has minimalist design with unique concept is oozing with charm. Developer has really has got unique game to appstore as puzzle game tend to do; Sleepy Mouse start off very simple and its complexity increases as you make your way through the levels. Game is very tricky and challenging making you to suffres like many puzzle game. Core of the game has more content due to the introduction of new objects, allows you to work out to master the level. And game will never put you down