Bowmasters Developed by Playgendary is an arcadey PvP Multiplayer archery game where the goal is to literally kill your opponent


Genre:Arcade Developer:Playgendary

Bowmasters was a incredible arcade treat which was released back in August. The projectile-tossing one-on-one deathmatch pits players against an A.I opponent or two contenders are positioned at a distance on a 2D plane and in turn have to launch the weapon supplied trying to hit foes and with only their throwable weapon at their disposal. Also developer converting a macabre and brutal play into something funny gameplay which is absolutely stunning theme they have come across.

The goal is simple to hit that opponents from across the map by adjusting your aim and strength of throw just right to nail headshots or other unfit blows that will reduce their health bar to zero before they can do the same to you. Rather than the idea involved in game  is engaging in short bursts and the maps have varying perfection to force alternate throwing styles, you hit an opponent in the leg, head, or  arm game offers you lots of freedom so you can adjust your aim and strength of throw any part of body result is each shot scored in fact gives rise to substantial blood loss. Once you or your opponents health meter is wore all the way down, you hear, “FINISH HIM!” and you get one last shot to show strength.


Bowmasters is played through the mechanics made by famous  angry birds Rovio. Game forces us to necessary to swipe your fringe across the screen to adjust the angle then launch power, and release to start the dart. Eventually Bowmasters proves themselves as a forgetttable products already after few games. Want to start with, the system behind the duels obviously lacking in strategy or depth:it is sufficient to always pull the maximum power and medium/ low angle to have a good chance of hitting the target, by repeative  operation in the later rounds victory confrontation.

Game features two-player mode  but it only featured single-round games and the first player had a definite advantage, and more playable characters are added with each character has a distinct style and type of weapon making up their collection of weapon. The current character list includes , a swordfish-wielding boat captain, a baguette-tossing mime and a gamepad-chucking rage-faced streamer, just to name a few. That potential agenda will also increase with the new update, as more playable characters are added. Game initially allows you to face the challenge mode against the AI, and you need to accumulate matches to unlock the other necessary items., only multiplayer component is worth of interest.