Traps n Gemstones developed Donut Games a metroidvania kind of game,were you discover ancient secrets in this throwback exploration game.

 Traps n Gemstones

Genre: Developer:Traps n Gemstones

Traps and Gemstones developed by Donut Games. A 2D platformmer genre I always love to explore and love to find stuffs. But some people can scrath their exploration itch with games like Dear Esther and Minecraft. I want to really explore to find new tools that let me go back and explore in places that I couldn’t before.

In game you play the part of a little Indiana Jones -a-like, complete with fedora and snake-vanquishing whip, as he begin on an expedition to explore a vast pyramid. This set the scene for a neat Metroidvania platform adventure. The main goal of game is to collect relics and every room you discover contains a space puzzle, at the same time forming part of a larger interlocking challenge. These relics you collect will be hidden away in blue chests retatively inaccessible corners of the pyramid. By tactifully acquiring these, as well as steadily growing range of tools like a torch, weight, gun etc, you’ll unlock more and ore in the game. Mechanics will drive you through such a spread -out world which keeps you thrill in game .


By contrast, Traps n’ Gemstones is a considered more likely experience boldly into the world of meaty, lengthy content. It’s a side-scrolling action platformer with a heavy prominence on exploration in an interconnected world, similar to Nintendo’s classic Metroid. You play as a somewhat comman explorer who descends into pyramid looking for lost treasure. Story starts with a bad guy has tied up the locals and taken all of the antiques from their pedestals.  You have to free the locals find all the lost relics and open up path to the ending. In the game you frequently run into places where you can’t move further without first finding an item or ability elsewhere. As a bonus you can benefit from it by collecting extra treasures  called symbols which can collect to boost your score and increase your completion percentage.

Donut Games deserved plenty of praise for the thoughtful puzzled tricks and adjustments it’s made for the mobile format 2 years back. Like Traps n Gemstone’s levels are spread out and interconnected at multiple points, you can praise for his brilliant work in each section is themed and colourful, so you’ll quickly be able to comprehend where you are in relation to where you saw that earlier treasure chest or item. The adventure unfolds on a fairly large map full of secret passages and shortcuts for you to uncover. The game’s map is closer to Metroid II with a tall central column from which several spokes split. You will be making your way back to that center area more than a few times, but superb design cuts down on the number of trips you need to take. The rooms you explore for relics are stocked full of traps and light puzzles.

You have already played the game and clever is the game’s scoring system, which gives you routine nod to the punishing insta-death mechanics of similar disappointment games, but can start from beginning. but your score accumulates for as long as you’re alive. when you die, you have to start from the beginning of that room, but with your score resetting to zero. Just ignore score element if you likeor simply plunge into the adventure. and move forward, attempt to stay alive as long as possible, and try to top the smart performed friends high-score list.


Traps n’ Gemstones‘s is a neat presentation simultaneously evokes old boys-own adventure comics and retro platformers of the ’90s, which also make game extremely playable and a kind of more ambitious platform-adventure. The game records your personal best, so you are always encouraged to beat your own high score. Surviving a full in gameplay would be an excellent challenge. This is not simple game which holds evergreen appeal. The game is special which offers players across a variety of skill levels, method of scorekeeping, and its numerous secrets and the fact that it keeps track of time played makes it ripe for replays, score attacks, and speedruns. As a Metroidvania, there’s one pitfall that Traps n’ Gemstones simply can’t avoid.