Francesco’s Fly Frenzy By Newtronium feed the hungry frog.

Francesco’s Fly FrenzyBy Newtronium

Genre:Arcade Developer:Newtronium

Game Francesco’s Fly Frenzy developed by Newtronium is a simple minimalistc design. Feels like game has inspired from Cut The Rope:Magic and Pull My Tongue in This Arcade game where your tongue is your greatest weapon against pesky wasps .It’s a quirky game that is worthy of a download, especially if you enjoy distinctive and fun games.

I haven’t been having the best of times lately, so whenever I have some spare moments during the day I love to pick up my iPhone and relax with some great games (but who doesn’t these days). At the same time I always love giving my brain a workout with puzzles or brain simulator often, sometimes I just need a game that lets me beat up some baddies with frantic tapping action. And with Francesco’s Fly Frenzy , that’s exactly what you get, and it makes for a pleasing time killer. Francesco’s Fly Frenzy isn’t going to be for everyone. The frantic pace required to play well, sometimes along with the endless failures throughout, may prove to be extremely difficult.


Visually speaking of Francesco’s Fly Frenzyis a cartoonish character, which is fitting due to the crazy nature of the game itself and looks great on retina screen. Rather than Cartoonish art style, the game is more detailed with the various environmet backgrounds, layouts and character sprites Francesco’s Fly also makes adorable use of colors, as they ranging from the soft and light tones to rich and vibrant hues. which depends on stage. Animation are smooth and vivid, The soundtrack is also eccentric upbeat, which helps to get you into the game even more. The sound effects are humorous and fun, which adds a nice final touch.

The game allows you to become lord of the flies in this frantic frog feeding fly frenzy Francesco game. The frog is hungry for some tasty flies. Help your friend frog to eat more and as many flies as possible to achieve high score. Also watchout for obstacles like pesky wasups. Beginning level game looks quite simple but later level as progress goes on complexity increases. So unlock various boost bonus which will help for later stages. And game offers Global Leaderboard so give a tough fight with you friends around world and earn over 25 achievements and you can enjoy various character of frog by chooseing a wide array of hats.

Overall game is perfect with challenging, rewarding and entertaining. But it’s also proves  incredibly charming in a way that makes it nearly impossible to put you down. Also oozing with charm and with plenty of challenge to keep you pushing yourself. So it’s all up to players and your challengeing skill to beat all of the stages.