Legend of Sky Fish-the game is inspired by Zelda-style and experience the power of magical fishing rod.

Legend of Sky Fish

Genre:Action & Adventure Developer: Crescent Moon Games

The game is a Zelda-style hookshot with a game being centered around it. It will make you stuck with its gorgeous, aquatic vision world that’s bursting at the seams with quality production. And direct homage to the classic adventure franchise. Entire game is marine theme which plays a main part in this, as your lead rule named Little red Hook weilds a fishing pole, and seperated from brother and cast into ocean- just to be saved from whale spirit  from laying the world to ruin.

Legend of the skyfish uses core fun of graphics and pulling  from a distance inherent in the tool to make for a solid action-puzzle game. It’s actually a pretty interesting premise and Red Riding Hood character that really makes sense.  The Legend of Skyfish makes me feel like a grand adventure like some sort of bite-sized globe travelling adventure with the fate of the world hanging in the balance That level of quality flows into the main game itself. The originally game will make you feel both relaxing and sound with lilt, similar like the rhythmically backwards of waves along the beach. The weapon of choice is not a hookshot,  but the world’s greatest fishing pole.


Unfortunately, the levels are all about following a path of sets with little to no need to explore. There are some occasions where you can take a slightly different path but not really hidden path to find some health or a new piece of equipment, but these are very rare and tiny deviation. Legend of the skyfish’s ocean environent has a heavy impact on gameplay. you’ll find yourself hopping from island to island, by using fishing line to move yourself across to the next patch of solid ground. Most of your enemies aquatic denizens they are walking the land in service of the evil eponymous Skyfish, now you’ve got to smack them with your rod, and use the incredibly strong line to pull in and astonish them, for further smacking. But your fishing pole has ore significant purposes beyond corporal thrasing. You can find lots of tricky puzzle where its necessary  you have to switch between gate states to advance, or making it from point A to point B in a certain set of time. Then game turns into interesting twists at you like having to trigger a slow-moving projectile and then switch gates as it travels so that you can hit a main target that you need blast.

The game plays in brilliant way however has got to be Little Red Hook’s fishing rod. It does double duty as both a grappling hook and weapon which is necessary for fighting off enemies, general getting around and solving puzzles. Sure the mechanic looks silly but it works and fits with the overall theme kind of perfectly. The Island themselves are filled with spiky tiles, frighten pedestals that fire arrows, weight-triggered booby traps and many more players will experience environmental puzzles which grows increasingly difficult. The game takes you to gentle learning curve that introduces you to new gameplay elements gradually while still offering a acceptable challenge. You’ll play your line to drag blocks onto platforms to open gates, or you can find hidden monster, dragging the beast closer to you for more advantageous combat system.


Legend of the Skyfish manages to travel well being a level-based Zelda-inspired game because it throws so many clever instance at you. which will offer you to take an enemy by using the environment against them, like spike traps that trigger as you walk over them, dart-shooting statues to your advantage which is more fun. You have a equip that can manipulate the opponents to a certain degree by pulling a scorpion on them which is a great enjoyment. The hook on allows it to hold to the switches to reach inaccessible places, attract objects (boxes, living hearts) or enemies to themselves, the dizzying passing.

Overall game is fun just because it has got great mechanic then found ways to let you as much fun with it as possible. The fishing rode pole techniques make for some unique brilliant idea. On top of that, the game features a masterfully realized world which is great treat to look at. So our little hero and his companion boldly advancing towards the final boss awaits you at the end of each of the three chapters, and waiting for your big fishing rod strokes to surrender.. and the tool is very useful.