Monsters Ate my Cake Developed by Cartoon Network is a beautiful adventureous game loved by everyone.

Monsters Ate my cake

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Cartoon Network

Monsters Ate my cake is all time my favorite game. It’s a puzzle game that’s excellent mix of bright and colourful, switching between multiple characters becomes essential to solve puzzles. Developers offers sweet treat for mobile gamers which serves up an excellent mix of puzzles, bright and colourful characters with engaging content that rivals triple- A blockbusters in terms of unadulterated fun. The joyday begins on protagonist Niko’s birthday, to all of a sudden when he awakens to find his birthday cake missing and trail of crumbs leading outside town.

It’s a puzzle game where switching between various characters to solve puzzles. It becomes about using various abilities to navigate the levels. There’s a lot of box-pushing, but various abilities for stunning enemies, creating new paths, and the like come into play the game doesn’t make compulsary use of combat system:there are sometimes ways to defeat them, but often you must dodge, or manipulated into being useful. Niko’s intial suspect is a cycloptic fuchsia monster named Groggnar, explains that monster Groggnar prefers berries to sweets and the real culprit must be the shadowy Boogins. The Boogin’s influence is spreading across the island rapidly, destroying fruit trees and doing other weird  things, now   Niko and Groggnar team up in hopes of saving both their favorite foods and life as we know it.


When game gets started you’ll find yourself in a situation of swapping out characters in order to complete level-specific puzzles. Each level character has been assigned with diffrent abilities and each monster has its own loadout. In order to capture the numerous obstacles scattered throughout each area, you’ll have to become aware with monsters’s abilities while avoiding or eliminating enemies completely. In each level you should earn three stars per level, and one solution that will free you all three according to how you perform. Each levels puts you  in numerous situation against spikes, additional traps, pressure-sensitive buttons and other hazards that keep young protagonist Niko from getting at his birthday cake. In order to obtain grace you have to collect all of the cake slices within every level. Fortunetly there are some tender-hearted monsters out looking to help you.

Game has carried perfectly well from the idea of a child hero going on a seemingly-innocuous quest, to the feel of pushing blocks around, to some specific music. And game stands on its own and unique style. You have already experienced it game is absolutely gorgeous which looks perfect on retina screen. Characters played in game are very adorable especially with the simple animations that give them just enough character. The star goals, which become required to unlock challenging levels, do a good job at not just being about completing levels quickly, but about throwing in new ways to play levels. There are more depth concept in the core of game occasional secret to find.


Your main goal on each stage is to collect the pieces of cake dropped by the Boogins, which allows you to progress to next new level. There are also find additional challenges which will award you stars and are often beneficial in and of themselves. The stars you earn used to open alternate paths to more levels, and pick up the treasure, collect all the coins, defeat all the Boogins in the level. You can always able to beat a level with the monsters provided and the gameplay is developed to allow you to do so with a little efforts to be used. The game is developed for whole family, which will not let you down, its well balanced between challenging players and fun. You feel so satisfied after completion of levels.There’s an exploratory freedom to Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake that lifts it beyond a simple stage-based puzzle game into a full-entertainment adventure game and supremenly difficult to putdown while game can be played by adults, kids and any kind of game lovers.