Lets twist developed by MildMania- Play with rain of colors and Enjoy this matching puzzle game with great music ,Breathtaking atmosphere to both relax and challenge yourself.

Let’s twist

Genre:Puzzle Developer:MildMania

Let’s Twist developed by MildMania it comes down to rearrangeing coloured colums to match up with falling colored gems.  Task is just dragging the colums into position to keep collecting each set of gems that falls down. Game has four columns where you simply drag around the colums with the responsive and smooth touch and drag control scheme.

The core of the gameplay is perfect for easy pickup and play, the game keeps you challenging and fascinaiong for long hours. Let’s twist is an endless high score puzzle game, but there are lots of variations on the main formula. Its a match-up arcade game you can play for an brain stimulation and stress-relaxation or to test your reflexive skills. The game features four difficulty modes, each includes multiple backgrounds to journey through

The controls in game are simple and straightforward The backdrop shifts from left to right as you continue to put the columns in the right position to give a little extra incentive to keep going. The element pieces will come in from top of the screen, and you must match the colored rings at the bottom to the lane that the like -colores piece is falling in. To do this all you have to drag the ring with your fringer to swap positions with another ring. Once all of the rings are in their appropriate place for the current falling pieces, those elements will fall quickly into the rings. At starting stage it will be simple but gradually speed will increases as you go, also be smart to make sure the pieces are in the right place.


There’s also a daily online challenge to enjoy with numerous unlockable elements to spice things up a little. The game easily makes you get lost in the matching style. And it really shines with all unloackable content as each new mode, backdrop, and element style requires the in game currency to unlock. You can find yourself always some new efforts with each endless challenge you play, and the unlockables increase multipliers and design to better your score with a fresh look. The game involves some restriction with the endless high score challenge, the deep content is mixed with the unlockables which is impressive and does a good job of correcting it .Enjoy this puzzle game with great music ,Breathtaking atmosphere to both relax and challenge yourself;