Cut the Rope developed by ZeptoLab UK Limited step into Magic world to solve tricky puzzle

Cut The Rope

Genre:puzzle Developer:ZeptoLab UK Limited

Cut The Rope is a beautiful game with  cute little bubbly monster, the game adds some cool trick to the original cut the Rope formula, making for an experience that feels fresh and familiar at the same time. Cut the Rope is a puzzle game with simple mechanics in each level your goal is to manipulate the environment to ensure that the funny character Om Nom eats delicious round candy hanging from a series of ropes and aim is to cut the rope so the candy can find its way to a unusual green creature that’s basically a mouth with legs.
Game also introduces numerous characters bellows, bubbles and traps and other tricks to help your progress through the game. Even I’m in love with Magic kinda game because the world filled with colours and you’re allowed to just enter magical world  and solve each puzzle without stress-free and finally you finish the level by achieving all three stars. You feel great satisfaction when you win a level and and swiping to cut ropes just feels great. And there are so much detailes involved in game which keeps you thrill.


Om Nom’s greedy passion for sugar has landed him in a magic world hidden inside a storybook. and there is a favorite candy but he has to get it winning all the obstacles,magic based tricks and traps. This magic world is home to a wizard who also loves candy. He pops up every few stages to challenge Om Nom to a candy tug-of-war. The action involved in Cut The Rope  revolves around slicing ropes with your finger in order to drop a piece of candy down into Om Nom’s waiting mouth. The levels are some pretty challenging designed levels especially during the boss battles.

The goal of Cut The Rope game is to guide the candy to Om Nom’s mouth, You can also enjoy new addition to Magic:Om Nom has gained the ability to transform into five different forms (bird, baby, mouse, fish, and spirit) and these forms have various powers to be used to help get to the candy. You can collect stars scattered around on the stage. These stars will reward you free gifts, which are usually gems or more hints. The game also has great clever new mechanics transforming Om No into diffrent form with new abilities that will aid to solve most levels. There’s a mouse that thinks the candy is cheese and follows it around, a fish that swims down, a bird that floats above the ground, and ghost that lets objects pass through its body and our cute tiny Om Nom that can fit into tight spaces. There are also some special mechanics wher you can use finger to draw a path through some strange purple material for candies and characters to fit through.


Cut the Rope:Magic will always remains as fun and entertainng as it was when the cut Cut the Rope series launched back in 2010.The new transformations add depth to the experience too. and Top of it, there’s also a new art style, the characters and environments almost looks 3D The colors are vivid and you can observe a great sense of lighting throughout each level. And each puzzle are even more appealing to solve with. You can find so many paths to catch the candy  It’s up to you to find that route. The game is an absolute fun to play, with even better visuals and more of the impressive smooth