Kelvin and the Infamous Machine developed by Blyts  Guide Kelvin to save the world.

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Genre:RPG   Developer:Blyts

Kelvin and The Infamous Machine developed by Blyts, is an point and click adventure game. Feels like game has been inspired from Full Throttle and Maniac Mansion now more kind click and adventure you are going to enjoy Kelvin and the Infamous Machine.

This is story about Kelvin and scientist Professor Lupin vows. Boy Kelvin is research assistant of Professor Lupin. once their lastet creation a time machine was ignored by scientific community, considering it was a joke they refused to test the time machine, in Retribution Lupin jumped backwards in time to visit some of the worlds’s greatest intelligents and either take credit for their achievements or prevent them happening at all. Now things wereleft in the hands of kelvin. Here you are travelling through three diffrent time periods to restore the timeline. Along the way, we will help by fellow assistant Lise, and three of the greatest minds in history Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci discovering how Lupin affected their timelines, putting them back to their great paths.


These and several other sutuations proves that Kelvin and the Infamous Machine isn’t short on personality. Developer has used great sense of humor giving a character strong roles and conversations to the numerous puzzles you solve on your way to inspiring genius. The puzzles in the game wouldn’t trip you takes you to a fascinating journey and do present challenges and the difficulty increases as the chapters go on, when you put all pieces together, everything makes sense.

The each of the first three chapters takes place in a different time period. And your goal is to aid these three of histories greatest minds. In each time period which has a section were you have to explore, and use the available items in various ways, which leads to restoration of time period.  So when you click on some item there is purpose behind it. so which can be used at some point during your journey. SO if you remember everything that is clickable game works pretty well


The story takes you to a colorful journey with cartoonish art style.And vivid animation and colors ranged from soft pallets to vibrant hues. The hover texts will lets you interact with characters, which are sometimes humorous ways. and Dialogue, Facial expressions are in detailed manner and lots of story immersed in the core of hearts. Developer has excetued game quite well with more creative idea.

The game features excellent voice acting. Its nice to hear game takes you to a journey which is more entertainning and completely fresh. Which is perfect to play on weekends. Each chapters in game features a hidden puzzle to discover which is very frustrating I found only two. There are still small things like pathing being imperfect or the voice acting for couple of characters not being strong. But still it makes a great game, challenging, rewarding, enteratinment.