Top 10 Mobile games you need to play this week and have fun

Top 10 Mobile games you need to play this week

1.Dan The ManBy Halfbrick Studios

Genre:Action Developer:Halfbrick Studios


Dan The Man is developed by Halfbrick Studios which is a old-school style Arcade platformer game. The creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride now they are back with Dan The Man a classic vintage pixel-art style and a tempo with a hard-hitting brawler and game of Kicking, throwing and punching and game of leaping, avoiding getting shot in the face by goons weilding massive guns. It’s a modern mobile platformer with a cheeky retro spin that lounges around in a sentimental longing while making sure you’re constantly engaged. You play as Dan, the titular man and taken into a world in chaos. A lovely blue-skied world with lots of trees and all this in chaos all the same

The game takes you along at a lovely swift pace, there’s lot to do. As you explore and unlock variety of different modes as you go deeper into the story. It mixes up some pretty tough platforming sections with mass brawls and brings everything just on spot. Avoidinf blows and getting in the best positions.




2.King of Thieves By ZeptoLab UK Limited

Genre:Adventure Developer:ZeptoLab UK Limited

King of thieves developed by ZeptoLab UK Limited a unique blend of arcade and PVP multiplayer, auto-runner trial platformers and puts the same mechanicasf Clash of Clans style raiding system. Game tasks you designing dungeon, and crafting gems to become owerful, and trying to keep other players from getting your gems by wayof maing a dungeon too powerful for them to successfully raid. like you’re looting others and playing thrugh the singleplayer campaign, earning more money, upgrading traps and make raids tougher.King of Thieves isn’t just about raiding other players’ lairs.

Game allows you Join Guilds and customize your outfit, travel and explore there are computer built -levels for you to conquer on thr map screen as well. And completing these levels rewards you gold, gems, and most importantly, new totems.


appstore3.pirates war-King Dice by Idiocracy, inc


Genre:Action& Adventure Developer:Idiocracy, inc

You play as pirate captain building fortresses, use strategy and sometimes sheer luck to get a ship and build yourself a crew worthy of yarr captaining, and capturing their lands, The game allows you players to pick diffrent play style. Allowing single players as well as real-time online multiplayer with both casual and ranked modes.

Pirates War – The Dice King it combines elements of digital board game and elements of card collecting game as well. You play as a pirate caption trying to build your own prirate crew. Each of thewe scurvy crew provides you eith diffrent skills, attack or defence stats to be used against opponents on the boards. Crew members and ships and steal goods from other players. The game will reminds you Monopoly because once game starts you go around buying, collecting taxes and upgrading.




4.Laserix: Puzzle Islands (by anicecompany)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:anicecompany

The game Laserix developed by anicecompany a light reflection puzzle game for both casual and puzzle cruncher players. These games are great due to their brain stimulator nature unlike other game it has no timer and user can enjoy as long as you can usually takes a minute or day to solve a levels. Task of the game puzzle Islands is a puzzler where you catch gems using  reflecting lasers, enjoy more than 40 challenging levels with unique variety

A tutorial is available,  will assist you to solve challenging levels.



5.Treasure Buster By FDG Mobile Games GbR

Genre:Action & adventure Developer:FDG Mobile Games GbR

Treasure Buster is a RPG dungeon crawler gameplay with something new concept these game s have coolest way possib.e: by comnining the pull- and release style of dungeon comat with the amazing visuals of old -school pixelated artstyle of 90’s arcade games. In which players battle on an enclosed field where they tug and release to launch their hero at enemies to damage them. When you attack on opponents it will counts down each time for your attack. The Treasure Buster features minimalistic design with colorful cast of unique characters, with great chiptune soundtrack. When the game is left idle it will enter Demo Mode.

Treasure Buster is a adorable little game with loads of heart. which has involved great combat sysytem and arcade experience all this make still deeper to know about game. Its a complete package






Genre: Developer:SKANDIVANIA ANS

Feral Fury game is a dual-stick roguelike shooter that demands quick reflexes and well planned movements from players as soon as it starts. Your task is you play as gun-toting panda that is sent to a planet to kill as many bugs and hogs as possible. Also be ready to die a lot because in this roguelikes game the game is totally unforgiving in its difficult stage to finish end point. Practice a lot to master it.

you can use upgrades by collecting blue orbs, banked between runs, this will improve your movement speed, and these upgrades will help to get more ammo. The game provides Daily challenge like he get one chance per day to compete with other players to set the high score on a locked set of stages.




7.Shadow Bug Rush By Muro Studios Ltd.

Genre:Action Developer:Muro Studios Ltd.

Shadow Bug developed by Muro Studios Ltd is a endless action and lovely slashy platformer game. You travel through remarkable hand-drawn paintings levels by sliceing gaint monsters into pieces. The game really works well without the level structure and high score chasing is trend in mobile games now. The Goals of Game is tapping on bad guys and darting between them, swooping through obstacles and avoiding traps as you move forward game carries all fun. And be careful about array of spikes, spinning things and other dangerous obstacles. Reacting quickly when the level changes shape. Finding the next bad guy to cut to keep your run going is pretty thrilling, and there’s a violent poetry to your movement when you’re doing well.

The  Shadow Bug Rush is a quick-blast arcade game with new twists and worth checking the game. which is more interesting and more entertaining.



8.Fractal Sky (by Briogames)

Genre:Arcade Developer: Briogames

Fractal Sky developed by Brogames which takes you to a imaginary world , unique game designed as flight simulator arcade game. Game gives you opportunity to fly high in the colourful sky exploring a fantasy world and you can see amazing geometric structures in sky. Also watch out for running fuels, geomatrical shapes and enjoy endless colorful rainbow geometric figure in arcade game , with great atmospheric music and by relaxing beats.



9.Spingun By Andrew Armstrong

Genre:Action Developer:Andrew Armstrong

The game Spingun developed by Andrew Armstrong its a Fermmenter Games spingun gives you a ship that can spin and shoot things with  intuitive two button control method moving either direction but can also fire by pressing both directions at once. You have limited control over the action, but that’s keeps gameinteresing. there is sheer chaes of the levels and brutal difficulty curve will hopefully make it yet another engrossing arcade title that will be even harder to put down. The game offers one-in app purchase and free and no ads so its worth checking the game





10.Flylight Zone (by MyndArc, LLC)

Genre:Arcade Developer:MyndArc, LLC


This game is inspired from famous Tv Shows of all time: The Twilight Zone an action adventure game. A journey into a wondrous digital land whose boundaries are that of imagination and battery life. And you’re traveling through another dimention on you’re iphone. The task is collect as many eyes as you can