At times when I am stressed from my daily office work, I start playing games on my iPhone to take my mind off as I will always have my iPhone with me. Now that I have iPhone 7 I will be always eager to make some time to explore new games on the app store. Mech Dungeon was one such game I started playing when I got a little free time.


The game Mech Dungeon looks so stunning in my new device. The graphics in the game has been skilfully designed. The design of mechanical monsters is magnificent. Each monster has been created uniquely.


The gameplay is thrilling. The objective of the game is to knock down the mechanical monsters in the dark dungeon. But you will have to be very quick and nimble to crush the evil mechanical monsters that you encounter in the dungeon. You got to power up by tons of items which are hidden so that you can advance in the game.


Unknowingly I have started playing this game for a longer time and I bet you it will be hard to put down. You will be electrified when you get to face the monster. But the gameplay is not so easy. You will have to play skilfully to defeat the mechanical monsters.


Visually speaking Mech Dungeon has a smooth and aesthetic design with bright colors. It’s challenging and fun to play this retro styled action RPG. I highly recommend trying Mech Dungeon, no doubt you will definitely enjoy your exciting adventure in the dungeon!