Mr Jump developed by 1Button SARL game takes you to solve puzzle in one nail-bitingly tense run and full of enjoyement

Mr Jump By 1Button SARL

Genre:Adventure Developer:1Button SARL

The game Mr Jump developed by 1Button SARL the game got its fame by simply shined a gaint spotlight on that style.  Auto-runners have been around for ages some of them are very difficult with lots of jumps and with strict skills in both maintaing a rhythm and dealing with the unexpected. Feels like game has inspired from Super mario Bros with same feature speed runs, Wonder Boy. last year Mr jump was huge hit with an impressive five million downloads in a just a week after Flappy Bird according to App Store charts. The levels of the game is hand-built and finite which makes sure the game cann’t unintentionally randomly generate something impossible. The character just jump a lot.

Mr Jump is a minimalist one-touch platformer game by 1 Button:Expecting to jump a great deal also be ready to die. And there is one joke you believe it or not one levels I has 60 attempts before  finally succeeding. Later I was frustrated and happy that I finally beat that challenging level if feel like its right up there with beating some of the old mega man games unlocking 007 mode in Goldeneye. This is kind of brutal difficulty you have in store for you with mr Jump.


 The game make you die again and gain and can say only one word Mr Jump is Tough. You press the screen to jump and press it longer  for longer jump. You get a few simple jumps to test it out on, and later you immediately need to start being more careful planning like how big  jump you take and when. First stage you can beat all by yourself without any effort next stage introduces a collectible item that, one touch allows mr Jump to take another jump in air. With this your game becomes harder and you need to remember when to take long jump, little jump and when to simply fall andlet your speed carry on so need to think when you should be using that second jump as you’re still in the air. Because one single mistake makes you fall back to beginning.

The stages in Mr Jump starts to get harder when stages intoduce new twists that raise the difficuklty even higher. There are many surprises and new twists are intoduced in game which keeps you happy and challenged for long Hours dealing with new hazards and tricks all the way you to the end. The levels are beatable with considerable practice, the struggle it will take you to gain even an inch of ground is considerable. The interesting thing in game unlike many games that followed in Flappy Birs’s wake its actually worth advancing through stages here. Which we can enjoy the new sights and sounds that each one brings. If you already played the game you have enjoyed impressive nice soundtrack, offering as much variety as the stage themselves. The graphics are vividand the wide range of locales gives an extra layer of expectation to complete each level. Game supports leaderboards.


Mr jump is a special kind of game offering both frustration action game and enjoyment, only real tricky part is remembering what comes up next during your run and creates situation like tooth and nail to move past almost every obstacle, and there is no checkpoints, so you have to complete each level in one nail- bitingly tense run after completion of first level subsequent stages will take many goes and determined pattern memorisation..were you are going to have blast here. Things always keep game fresh with new tricks and simple pleasant presentation. Mr Jump which is a seires of pixels and world around us consists of pits, lava and forests. We’ve found one of the cool game, and it’s probably going to be harder for normal brained humans.