Iron Finger developed by IRONFIST Studios Enjoy mini games and set high scores.

Genre:Arcade Developer:IRONFIST Studios

Iron Finger game consists lots of mini-games to be enjoyed, with rollercoaster games and  bundle of emotions with minimalistic design, 2-D graphics and simple mechanics all this makes perfect games. But the game has got lot of ads which will break your patience. This is also free – to-play game.

The game gives you great enjoyement with lots of different offered mini-games. This gameplay is split across different mini games, which has different control scheme and mechanic same goal like other game to set high enough score for an “S” rank. But you will also variety of characters in each mini game this keeps you entetainment for long hours

I have come across so many games in IOS even simple games, but none has variety of characters has this game. Even number of variety of themes between them does makes things much more interesting and better. These simple games are not explained (tutorials) in brief before you start. Most of the times games are simple and straighforward, but sometimes you’re just going to have to make peace with earning score on your first attempt. This scoring high number keeps you busy and you have to discover what needed to be done by trial and error. This makes you master at the end


Speaking about visuals Iron finger has minimalist design with 2-D graphics and pretty cute characters with a cartoonish look and vivid animations and colors ranged from soft palletes to bright one with vibrant hues. Nice texture with fine details, these cute looks will push the sense of variety even further. Developer has put the effort to come out something special in gameplay.

Game takes you to satisfied level with simple mechanic, but these ads are very irritative espically games with free downloads, some of them are obnoxious, with hidden close button. This mayn’t be developers fault with specific ads appear frequently in game. But some full-screen monster try to trick you into tapping on to wrong thing.


Every single time you finish a mini game a video ad appears also these games are lots of fun. But mini games will finish within minute, you’ll be seeing these things less than a minute apart. These ads sometimes makes game bit boaring apart from that everything is fun.

You can find so many details hidden within games also need lots of patience in order to wade through it all. I definetly suggest to check the game which can be played anywhere, bus, train, waiting for a bus, standing on the train