Slider Scouts – Swipe, slide, and explore as you build your troop of Slider Scouts!

Slider Scouts developed by Flipline Studios guide him by Swipeing, slideing, and exploreing as you build your troop of Slider Scouts

Slider Scouts

Genre:Arcade Developer:Flipline Studios

The game Slider Scouts developerd by Flipline studios Feels like game has inspired from Monster wants Burger game and the developer Flip studios known for there famous papa’s series of restaurant mini -simulations, so this time they have released game on same foodstuff. What’s diffrence is the gameplay concept outside their standard first-person food-serving format to an endless action puzzle game

This new puzzle game awaits you at every turn and full of surprises.  Slider Scouts character  hamburger with toothpick olive eyes who is a member of the titular troop that, seems like burger similar to the Boy Scouts. He’s on a task to recruit more anthropomorphic edibles to his camp and is exploring the nearby uncharted forest to track down additional members. The story is small and there is no much depth. Your main task is you’re controlling a hamburger, sliding around deep forest and blocks, baddies and go to scattered lands unlocking other types of sandwiches and characters.


In Slider Scouts you can choose variety of term-based games like long-term and short-term goalss to work towards. Some goals are leveling – up, collecting furtinture and earning Merit Badges and unlocking Scouts. Since you take major rule in Slider, he moves around the world by sliding, stopping only when he runs into wall or obstacle. You guide Mr Slider Scouts by changeing direction when necessary and bumping into walls and try to get checkpoint on each level. Have you ever played Mr square and Shuffle Islands because you will come across same fairly popular puzzle format in the game.

If you checked carefully and played some levels you can make out the difference in Slider Scouts that the levels are procedurally generated and endless. So you need to achieve progress from start to end. Game allows you to slide back or forth which is your wish. There is set of specific time has to be cleared within 30 seconds. Slider Scouts is based on mini-games Slider Escape which is present in many other series entries. These mini-games are more deliberate move-by move puzzle solver, to Slider Scouts’ fast-paced sling.


You has observed the game Slider’s Scout that game is not very challenging.  Which allows you travel randomly around for a bit and retrace your steps if needed. and game offres you inlimited puzzles and combination of little pressure and freeform sliding works here. Along the way game takes you to smoosh travelling and condiment bottles, dodge jelly cannons and move forward other obstacles. and record your movements to pass over spikes.

You can utilize coins and stars for progress level like collecting on each level which allows you to go up and earn new stage environments to explore as well as other characters and furniture to add to your collection. characters hand out the scout lodge which can be used to decorate the furniture you earn.

We are enjoying on a whiteboard elements. and all interesting item you collect will make gam ehave plenty to keep them occupied beyond the standard high score. And eager to get through as many rooms as possible. You will be enjoting 80 charcaters ranging from alternate burgers like “Pretzel Bun” to fruits, onions, and recognizable creatures from Slider Escape and other Flipline games. Overall its a complete package to have fun and explore each and every corner.





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