Piranh.io (by Kiemura) enjoy fish stimulator game avoid obstacles using laser beams

Piranh.io (by Kiemura)

Genre:Adventure Developer:Kiemura Oy


 Piranh.io developed by Kiemuro a fish simulator game. The game provides you lots of surprise beneath it. Are you tired of playing with match three games or RPG Dangeon Crawler? then try Piranh.Io which provides twist in formula every second and gives experience of being Piranh.

I was always fan of Piranha movie 5 years back. I was intrigued to checkout Piranh in appstore so thought to give a try. Here you guide a cruel fish to survive for long time by eating swimmers and smaller fish. You guide your piranha to swim around human-infested waters, eating them up and growing in size as you perform better progress.


Piranh.io is a multiplayer game, you get a chance to earn your point multiplier by earning more while being at risk of being eaten by another piranha. And by avoiding obstacles achieving certain points without getting shrink back to normal size.

Don’t ever under estimate yourself of being smaller piranha. Even you get a chance to turn back fire at them. Become more powerful by collecting and increasinge your power-ups. This mechanic allow you to shoot other piranhas  with laser beams, duck under water for a bit and also for a surprise gain temporary shield.


Visually speaking game has minimaistic design which is more fashionable these days and will work fine. Colors are ranged from bright to vibrant hues, Controls in game are simple and manageable there are two control schemes Virtual joystick which is easy manageble no matter of hung up experience. Use boosts and power-ups by holding one finger on the screen, then tap and hold with another to use boost power, double-tap to use a power-ups.

Collecting power-ups will keep you strong enough and be alive for long hours in a game. And collecting various power-ups will increase your ability to survive like aquarium, laser cannon  and electricity. These super power ups will be attached to sharks heads which looks funny and defeat opponent sharks. this keeps thrill to desperatly game the game.

I reccomand to play piranh.io just once, because concept is totally different and unique. Game has tried to put more elements which gives addition weight to the game, twist in story  which is impresseive ,Two touchscreen optimised control with virtual controls.