Brave & Little Adventure By Dmitriy Kashirin Help Molly and Hans To find missing Grandma in this tale journey which keeps you hooked for long time

Brave & Little Adventure

Genre:Adventure Developer:Dmitriy Kashirin

The game Brave and Little Adventure developed by Dmitriy Kashirin sees like they have inspired from the game Tiny Theif. Team has impressed so much by style of Tiny thief that it resembles colourful characters and environment in Brave & Little adventure game. So you can observe both games Tiny Thief and Brave &little adventure use same techniques of point-and-click adventure game.

The game takes you to a charming, colorful medieval adventure journey of Little Red Riding Hood. Sets an adventure with tricky puzzles to solve, challenging players to collect and combine items in order to achieve specific goals .Little Robin hood walks around ancient ruins in Fairy garden, and travel to Darkwood and stoneville with 5 episodes. And its based on levels by making progress through one-by-one, game utilize the technique of point- and-point adventure games on a much smaller scale setting goals for players to collect and combine items. Task of the game is Molly is trying to get her sick grandmother’s house and ends up helping those she meets along the way.


Controls in Brave & Little Adventure are simple and straightforward To move Molly just tap on where you want to move and she comes across various objects to interact with them. These large icon buttons are helpful indicated she is nect to them. Pick interatcive objecs just tap on the button which appears above it. The game’s primary goal is completing one star which will open door for next level goals like “save the Kitten, free the Pig, finding medicine, second one is achieved finding secreat items which turned to be gift for grandma. The final star is eaned for finding and taooing Big Bad Wolf who is hideing secreatly in each level .