Top 10 Mobile games of the week this time we have featured  new card-based games so download and have fun.

Top 10 Mobile games of the week of oct 2016


1.Paperback: The Game (by Fowers Games)

Genre:Card Developer: The Fowers Games


Paperback is a newcomer to the word building genre which cleverly combines elements from two very popular games. Game developer Tim Fowers took elements from scrabble and tossed it in his board game mixed with some parts from the popular deck building King Dominion as a result born Paperback, a word building card game. Task of the game you play an author trying to finish genre novels like Romance, Westerns, Sci-fi and son on. You start playing with deck of letter cards and when you form words, Now you are ready to earn money. Later you can purchase even more powerful letters and these cards you purchase have special abilities which get activated when used in a word.

The Paperback takes you two main mechanics in gameplay are deck building and word building with three levels of AI opponents as weel as hotseat play upto 4 players. Each player starts the game with a hand of the same 10 cards. Half wild and and half letter cards:R,S,T,L,N. Game doesn’t support onlime multiplayer, but will be added in future update. The game is a premium app and looks great fun, espicially for those who love card playing and Books.


2.Pumped BMX 3 (By Yeah Us!)

Genre:Racing Developer:Yeah Us!

The game Pumped BMX series is one of my all-time favorite video game series or any devices. The original series are not up to mark but now after 4 years its already on the appstore the third and final installment are popular Pumped BMX series continued to build upon the success. In the game you’re tasked with 720 challenges to play tough level participating in various different arenas across six immersive environment. It has got rough edges and difficult manageing  is maddening, The key to many levels is to be to build up strong momentum in order to even get to the end. You can even find tutorials, will guide to basics of Pumped BMX 3, is challenging bike tricking game were just pump your bike to get some speed, catch some big air to pull off some tricks, release at the apex of a jump and land safelly on the other side. the motorbike has capabilities for doing frontflips, backflips, wheelies andgrinds buttons for spinninh horizontally , trick stick to perform multitude of various moves just by pressing the different directions while in mid-air.

You can unlock various different motorbikes as well as challenge 720 levels the game has neatly excetuted with full of sensibly thought out ideas.




3.Concrete Jungle (by ColePowered)

Genre:Arcade Developer:Colepowered

The game Concrete Jungle developed by ColePowered which appears to board composed of an isometric block of earth and looks like various textured layers of the Earth’s crust from the sides and each square holds various building structures. The game is a mix elements of Tetris and sim city with elements of a card game. The game mechanics is clearing rows of tiles by reaching a given value of points for that row. And at start each row’s goal is 3 points but later that increases as the game’s progress making it challenging. The player has a deck of cards and have to select of the top two cards if their deck to play.And game involves positive and negative cards with some offers bonuses acrothss the map and cards that affect a single adjacent square.

In the depth of game play has decision making and solving problems in the core of games. Game offersyou to enjoy two modes in Concrete Jungle: Campaign (story) Mode and Custom Game, which includes  Classic , versus and solo





4.Flip The Bottle (by Rostislav Kaloc)

genre:Arcade Developer: Rostislav Kaloc

The game Flip the Bottle developed by Rostislav Kaloc a minimalist design Arcade game. Are you bored of playing RPG games and puzzle game. Want to try something new then Try Flip the Bottle game anytime anywhere just throw the bottle on the table to stand straight by balanceing not to fall down from table. Task is to aim on the table and release variety of bottles on table with just one touch and unlock all four bottles.




5.Faily Rider (by Spunge Games Pty Ltd)

Genre:Racing Developer:Spunge Games Pty Ltd

The game Faily Rider developed by Spunge Games Pty Ltd a physics based motorbike rider game. You have to manuever an endless mountside hazardous like cacti, rocks, traffic and trains across your way. Phil already had unfortune experience in car driveing, now he is trying his luck in bike riding. So its your responsibility to guide Phil on his way in Motorbike on downhill as far as you can rideg avoiding obstacles along the way.
Pump your bike to get some speed, release at the highest point of a jump, catch some big air to pull off some sweet tricks, and  land slowly on the other side.  It uses your device’s tilt capabilities for doing backflips, grinds,frontflips, and wheelies; a separate button exclusively for spinning horizontally; and  performs a multitude of different moves.

BY raiding motorbike enjoy breathtaking sightseeing in the Nevada desert and be prepare to die manytimes.





6.Disco Party (By Appsolute Games)

genre:Arcade Developer: Appsolute Games

The game Disco party developed by Appsolute Games a innovative puzzle platformer game. which allows user into the groove with old-school jams. The game seems inspired from Mimpi Dreams The task of the game you play as characte as Disco-Dancer avoiding opponent security guards along the way. While collecting golden dics To achieve this,you have to maipulate certain tiles on the ground to do several functions .Also new mechanics are introduced in each chapter at uniform move.

The Disco Party is level based game with 4 different worlds that contain 15 stages each.





7.Frost (Survival card game by Jerome Bodin)

Genre:Card Developer:Jerome Bodin


The game was designed by critically acclaimed graphic designer Jérôme Bodin it was directed towards brilliant asthetic direction with minimalistic design. Furthermore, with a variety of game modes, scenarios and difficulty settings, Frost offers you a remarkable challenge for fan in depth card-centric games the text style cards themselves looks simply impressive.

The game takes you to a frost solo survival card game inspired from deck building games like Dominion, Ascension. You are incharge to look after group of people looking for Refuge.  And people have learned to survive in harsh cold and cards have elements  like weapons, ideas, dangers and regions are presented in gameplay.You have to choose right card and achieve the goal. Right selection of card leads you to victory and engage yourself in different modes difficulty modes, endless mode.



Note:the game will support on iPhone 5C and above and iPad Pro / 4



8.HeadlessD By (Paul Guzenko)

Genre:RPG Developer:Paul Guzenko

HeadlessD is developed by Paul Guzenko a RPG Dungeon Crawler game. Its a unique concept and hand drawn painting looks asthetic, feels character has come to lives with vivid animation. You can see the effect put by developer which has excetuted quit well. Task of the game you play as headless character and guide him to explore randomly generated dungeon to find precious treasure chest and escape him from traps, match head to his body .The game is pretty good about pointing out what you should be doing at any given time, though you’re certainly welcome to do whatever you like. Indeed, although there is a story in this sequel, you’re going to have a bad time of things if you try to tackle it directly. There are a lot more elements to HeadlessD, but part of the fun of the game comes from seeing how it opens up, so I’m not going to spoil everything.

In depth of the game there are so many details you have to discover and  explore fight hordes of monsters , potions, loot the heads because these heads have various power You can benefit from them these later stages. The game is free from in-app purchase.




9.One More Bounce (by SMG Studio)

genre:Puzzle Developer:SMG STudio

Game One More Bounce developed by SMG Studio some of the Titles are More Line and Thumb Drift . One More Bounce is a clever platformer that requires you just have to use a single finger, the game brings you anxious and hardcore experience. Set in a 2 dimensional stage, filles with obstacles and cool gimmicks with 3 floating blue cubes or points. Mechanics used in game Touch to jump and jump your way around each stage collecting points and avoiding obstacles.

The whole level pushes you brilliantly. The challenge is high but not impossible to achieve, levels open up in blocks, walk on platforms that are white and if you try to touch anything else you’ll explode and push you to same beginning level



10.Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders (FULL) (By Microids)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:The ABC Murders

The ABC Murder is an investigation and adventure game adapted from classic Agatha Christie Novel. Game is mixer of all elements intelligence, puzzle and twist. The player takes the role of famous Hercule Poirot a 3rd person perspective adventure game packed with mysteries. The private detective will find himself trobled in mysterious enemies who goes by name ABC. Through your intelligence solve the mysterious and tricky puzzle and solve various crime explore scenes with beautiful surroundings across the country united Kingdom. Observe the situation and question, take tough decision, solve the mystery behind murder cases with your smartest skills.