Slip Away Mystify By Nanovation takes to the world of abyss ocean to test your reflexive skills but don’t slip away.

Slip Away Mystify By Nanovation

Genre:Arcade Developer:Nanovation

The game Slip Away Mystify developed by Nanovation a physics based platformer. Slipaway  gives impressive experience playing in abyss of ocean with mysterious path and obstacles. Feels like game is inspired from Shredd. I think you have to give one try to game if you’re the type of person who loves looking at aquariums.

I always love to watch world at the bottom of the ocean. When I was kid I was watching  National Geographic channel to  see beauty of world immersed inside abyss of ocean .Were lives beautiful creatures like coral, colourful fishes and many more strange creatures. You will  discover deep ocean creatures if you ever played Abyssrium. It gives great pleasure to play ocean games which will test your reflexive skills and patience So even Slip Away Mystify is one among them which will add to my collection on my favorite list.


The task of the game Slip Away Mystify follows the same path as you guide your little Octopus friend through deadly territory and bubbly, modern environments. Control in game are simple and intuitive with there are total 50 amazing levels to challenge and test your skills. And play by  tapping  right to move right and tap left to move left along the way you find gems. Collecting gems will boost energy and unlock various characters and levels by collecting key at the end point will open the gate and move forward. Crossing all levels is not always manageble so be smart and prepare well in beginning of the stage itself  because later complexity of levels increases as you show progress in game. It’s necessary to prey on your need to progress further without having to wait, but I suggest its necessary because the rewards will come so be patience

The visual in abyss of ocean is incredible beautifully presented with colors rangeing from dark settings to various glowing objects. And other life creatures are scatterd widely. Deep ocean is filled with dangerous spikes, lasers, pitfalls and other ocean predators everything is neatly excetuted and superb. Soundtrack is atmospheric which helps to focus on the game by removeing all the tensions aside with vivid animation. The soothing soundtrack and beautiful watercolors tie into the central theme of relaxation for Slip away Mystify

The great physics based platformer is exceuted well starting from character(octopus) to simple controls with use of nice contrast in color, great smoothness of game. You have to guide your little friend very cleverly not to fast because you might die if you hit the spikes and enjoy various character by unlocking in deep ocean