PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator developed by Outerminds Inc be a star in Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Genre:Arcade Developer:Outerminds Inc

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator developed by Outerminds. Its a game about those who want to enjoy or create their Own You Tube channel, make videos and gain fame which is not real but fun smulation.  The game PewDiePie’s is free to Download and has In-app Purchase.. This game is all about you want to be thing in next online world its possible by Pewdiepie’s Tuber Simulator.

The game is not real which is a quick rise to fame system but Pewdiepie makes outer minds to come togethe to create Pwedieoie’s Tube Simulator, which gives great experience of what it would be like to run your own Youtube Channel. which is a mix of retro pixelated simulator to the hands of the mobile design

piewThe game Pewdiepie takes to the world of Pewdiepie with introduction of more advanced paper clip from word. He will introduceyou in the way of explaning what you have to do, explaining what buttons do what and occassionally gets some bragging rights into the mix like subscriber counts, money . And hanging around for a while explaining various areas of the interface, conversation will carry interesting explains every aspect of the game well. The game aim’s you just be a best as you can and popularist “Tuber” the world has even seen.


The game is easy to pick even during shopping or bathing its very easy to pick and play. Your main hub which is your room acts as standard screen. From this Screen you can view Tuber sat at Cardboard desk with chunky computer monitor atop it with two walls surrounded . There is  also shopping and purchase items all items are ready To begin Pewdiepie I totally love arrangement of room.You have so many things to do like make a video, shop , Social hub , quest

Make a Videopiew2

This area where you create your video checking what video catergories are trending and by generating views and subscribes. And Boost button assists to take higher levels like clever advertisement system. You can create your video with options like create videos follow category like sports, music etc .Every time your Tuber levels up you will get brains, you use those brains to upgrade your perks. Gain more subscribers to unlock more perks.


This category you spend your dollar. Along with top buttons you can buy your choice like clothes, desks, lights etc afforbale items can be purchased.

Social Hub

Place where you can take part in online activities online by connecting with friends also on the game,  taking part or viewing current events


There are basic achievements you have to achieve like uploading many videos, Subscribers, few brains and BUX. Once you finish the quest you have to wait several hours, may be even ten hours, if you don’t have patience you can spend Dolla to refill the quest. The highest dollar is The highest amount being 79.99 for 14500 .As you spend more game will  more interesting. Otherwise you have to be patience wait for long hours continue on quests.

There are also various option for upgradeing your Tuber’appearance, some are free other are will charge you Dollar. When you purchase an item you have to wait for shipping before it arrives. It takes a few time  three taps on the box your items will arrive. If you are bored want reduce time place PUGGLE this idea inspired from peggle. Launch Maya down a wall of pins hitting multipliers and possible landing in a big multiplier at the bottom. Alternatively you can pay one BU to instantly deliver.

You can put items no long used into your inventory and even add up too more rooms on top of your current. There is also ranking system to view. Lists famous Tuber’s being featured.

Overall game has lot more to do in deep with more patience to develop and its super fun and addicting with incredibly in-depth.Game’s controls everything runs smooth and fluid .