Mort’s Minions developed by Base11 Studios experience the thrill of Retro RPG adventure by exploreing to four diffrent worlds

Mort’s Minions: A Retro RPG Adventure )
Genre:RPG  Developer:(by Base11 Studios

The game Mort’s Mort’s Minions: A Retro RPG Adventure developed by Base studios. Are you fascinated towards RPG and retro style game with different way and unique style. Then you should definetly pick this game, it takes you to a world of retro RPG game with minimalistic style and win your victory by Jumping, dodgeing, and slashing through your journey by defeating minions

I know most of them love RPG games and raceing for a long time, but it just seems to have become even more popular after ” Ember” hit the appstore. For me definitely got into RPG after playing Ember much more after I fell in love with it. So as soon as I saw Mort’s Minions in appstore I was intriguied by its minimalistic design and theme. So thought to right review on game.


The game Mort’s Minions treats you as the Hero in your quest and you were charged with keeping the peace in village. Until other race people attacked you that caused there eventual downfall. were past people has lived peaceful for so many years, the rulens. But one unfortunate day village’s peaceful life was destroyed. So set your mission in four different worlds and defeat your opponents by discovering reason behind origin of the conflict. While the story may have its fair share of cliched tropes, one area that Mort’s Minions really shines is in its location theming. Eventually games takes you to some pretty cool locales, such as Terra, Aqua, Ignis and Astra. Regardless of where you’re at, Mort’s Minions does an amazing job of taking you there visually various world to explore . so this gives replay value.

Speaking about visual the game is beautiful asthetic design as it features a retro, bit retro theme within. The color palette in the game ranges from bright hues to vibrant which suits a lot. Animation are smooth and fluid and hero is filled with his own unique personality and charm which is highlighted through his active movement overall its a perfect game


Control in game is simple and initiative and total 64 levels to complete. You show your skills in four different challenging worlds Terra, Aqua, Ignis and Astra. Levels will be easier at the beginning but as you show progress in level complexity increases. If you want more powers then earn stars which is important for next levels to explore various unique world and find the reason for battle.

I suggest to play this RPG themed game and take responsibility to getback peace to the people of Minions and game explores to 4 different world and show your progress earning star track your progress by gaining achievements along the way.