Banner Saga 2 developed by Stoic with great Tactical RPG and strategies fight against opponents.

Banner Saga 2 (by Stoic)

Genre:Action & Adventure  Developer:by Stoic

The game Banner Saga 2 developed by Stoic which already made its  name in  PS4 Xbox one Now its available on mobile. Which acclaimed by every one as tactical RPG. You can see there is neat flow in game which can boast in every aspect of the game.  part I game Banner Saga 1 already made its name earning huge plaudits for its compelling story with fantastic turn-based battles and goregeous animation. And thankfully to those who has enjoyed Banner Saga on the deep tale and game mechanics.

In other words Banner Saga 2 is impressive in all angles with powerful characters to the animation during the battles and everything feels so lively brilliant tactical RPG with endless to explore further which keeps you thrill for long hours. Developed used great sense of humour you can sense in the every choice he had made starting from colour to the deepest shades of grey. And each decision you make will weighed in story every aspect and concequences .


And people who are not familiar with the Banner Saga Franchise of tactical RPG series teels you about world of Viking lore. The brink in  realm of the apocalypse with monstrous rock creatures known and the Dredge rising from the ground and destroying towns and villages. The player is the leader has responsibility to take herd of horned gainst and humans to safest place in journey

However in the journey players will expect more venture world with entire realm in the brink of collapse. The desperate struggle of the clans takes them to vast abyss using powers, in down to dark of mines, bleak and sparse fields and journey towards Aberrand is last protection of society in the fight to survive against fallen darkness.


In your journey you as you play leader of the caravan you are strong enough to make certain decisons unlike Telltale Batman or Walking Dead. With your sense of desicion will have greater impact on the clan’s chance of survive. If you choose other path which results in stopping to rescue other survivor with severe consequences and sometimes leads to confusion.

The game has many things to explore and we need to uncover it , player’s caravan need to splits into two parties to branch stories to uncover and these style has very different expectations. So forceing players to adjust their own thoughts accordingly to keep morale at high. Gives opportunity to play in diffrent paths and this helps The Banner Saga 2 tell a branching story by exploring brief story of the world.


The battlefields are grid-based style with tough to fight. requires great decision making skillsbecause people die offten and things turn ugly and desperate and need to fight every inch of ground. Don’t show your weekness  it willm put you down quickly and making strong melee units make them completely loss confidence. Defeat your enemies quickly by decison making in right path.

Journey of Banner sage 2 takes you to balance between both decison making and quick action on battlefields. Where one wrong decision making will twist good work you’ve done up to the point will make you constantly to go everything disastrous path so be careful. So use renown you earn in battles to toughen up your units and equip them with to figh in battle. The twist is you’ll also need to spend your Renown on provisions for your caravan. You have already learnt the characters have various skills and attributes so bring them to field, at same time weakness. learning opponest and how to protect from them is important as learning how to exploit their strenghts.

The combat system works extremely  similar way as Banner Saga 1 and additional mechanics in the form of new charcaters are introduced with enemy types Horseborn allies and opponents adding a features to game and crafted with love and smart. This cartoonish character replicates comic book characters. which is why I tolltaly love it and dieing is often comman in game so don’t loose hope there are tutorials which help ou lot.