Tiny Miners by About Fun infinate driller and try to get your hand dirty to find treasure.

Tiny Miners

Genre:Arcade Developer:By About Fun

Tiny Miners developed by About Fun a mix concept of left-right mining, aiming to survive in deep underground to find previous treasure. And a game of twisted fast paced runner for casual gamers these type of games are trending now. Feel like game inspired from Pocket Mine 2, Puzzle to the Center of the Earth.

Even since I was a child I love to play platformer games From classics like super Mario Bros to Journey below. I love to spend time on these games, Now I have great interest on these types of game. Even though it’s a tried-and-true formula nowadays, I can’t help as soon as it hit on appstore I was astonished to give a try especially when they have unique twist that sets them apart. Now its my chance to get my  hands dirty to discover and explore treasure. Digging is always worth when it pays back something like treasure and in back gives great satisfaction.


Spending little time to RPG-style levelling games are worth for time killers. Which is difficult to progress also playing its own style and explore many items and offers varies upgrades which will not put you down. There are some hindsight which is impossible to achieve and game is combination of elements of Digging, Collecting Treasures and picking best equip for digging and its like someone made delicious Tiny Miner. The game takes you everything like smartly-designed systems to give players even more to do, and tosses a story in good measure. You don’t  feel like you have lost in the game its crystal clear without confusion. The game is pretty good about instructing you what should be doing at any given time though you’re certainly welcome to do whatever you like.

Tiny Miners is a twisted fast-paced infinite runner game which combines vast underground digging and finding precious treasures. You will be rewarded exactly as your performances in the gameplay. You can observe game has densely packed with enough systems, side content and additional challenges to keep any genre fan busy for dozens of hours. Task of the game is Dig deep, drill with Pickaxe and find precious treasures Dead Dinosaurs, precious rings, diamonds and be aware of spilled oil which attempts to loses your power. Be prepared to face difficult dodging hazards. In each stage you have to follow set of rules to achieve treasure like tactical survival, crafting and have to be quick which makes players to find key to chest, dead Dinosaurs at the end. Each stage is a like puzzle that has to be solved carefully and efficiently to achieve best score.

Controls in the game are simple and intiative game keeps you fastinating by great features to survive as miners. Collecting gold coins which keeps you stronger and wooden organic helmet frem branded of a fair trade manufacture and never even missout stones while swimming in deep dust and old style cloth to dig in dust, rough cloth many more. So always choose saffest helmet to play safer side out of danger. Beware of delusion because your little friend is very dangerous always puts you in trouble and challenging. Try to finish the quest before time runsout of your hands if so try to increase health by Protecting  health of your miner while dodging hazards to collect spectacular loot and combine ingredients like cloths (basic and rough),or some wood and gems somehow make a decorative ring. Equipments pixelaxe, drill or shovel which helps survive and drill longer even deeper.

I recommend to play the game Tiny Miners due to its deeper features and lot more elements to explore in Tiny Miners but part of fun comes in the game’s upgradeing or combining ingredients to increase power-ups for longer survival and dig, drill deeper by moving left and right.