Zip-Zap developed by Philipp Stollenmayer amazing creatures like caterpillar, jumping,  leaping, and swinging your way through the game.

Zip-Zap  by Philipp Stollenmayer

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Philipp Stollenmayer

The game Zip Zap developed by Philipp Stollenmayer aka Kamibox, which is a great physics based puzzle game. Some of his work titles are Sometimes You Die and Okay, silly time wasters like Pancake – The Game, squaredance And now new game Zip Zap is now center of attraction. His games proves to be unique puzzle game, with modern style in minimalistic asthetic style. Game takes you strange combination of making your brain-matter stretch and wouldn’t put you down.


I love puzzle games a lot so when I was checking for new games in appstore. I was intriguded to see Zip Zap a simple puzzler with Super minimalistic approch design. Still more deeper to explore which is aiming to get little mechanical creature moving  and  bringing  it back to home. With simple controls touch once to contract and release to let go making your little mechanical being moved, feel like doing some acrobatic dance and you are the controller. It seems game is inspired from Heutopia. Puzzle games are incredibly impressive, helps to overcome stress  work and for relaxation and also act as brain stimulator to keep sharpen your brain. These games usually serve up some fantastic eye candy also always fascinating one and can be any one’s cup of tea.

Visually speaking game has asthetic design and geometric shapes that include homes, balls, and caterpillars jump, swing, leap behind the scenes there are various split upto various sized stripes of color. This moving shapes creates story like happy caterpillars. The colors in Zip Zap are bright and neat with simple look. And subtle animation is smooth and superb. Rather than colors soundtrack and sound effects equally move with  these geometric shapes feel like they are dancing to your tone as we play with them in various  forms and motivate you focus on creative games. Games visual are bit boredom for casual players, rather than that mechanic involved in game gradually increases the thrill, to play for hours and force you complete the levels keeps you hooked for long hours.


Controls in the game are simple controls which are easy to manage just touch once to contract and release to let go. The game Zig Zag falls into clever puzzler category plays in skillful manner by erector set -like pieces that are joined with hinges with an effort to hop, swing and scoot them over to a end goal. Zig Zag takes game into moveing geometrical shapes into your way of design and dancing various creatures or forms like caterpillar, leap, swing and jig your way through game. There are total 100 levels you can challenge the games and show your ability and master it. Discover various dancing forms are created which brings great smile on your face. In each level you see a different levels of construction with several black and colorful combination of elements with  shapes will appear, these mechanics are pulled together, then live the game to go its original form just move forward or interact in any manner.

Zig Zag is a clever puzzler which offers old-school play, but still its completely fresh and quick, hyperactive. Rather than that you have to complete the move which forms creatures like balls on the selected target areas or the home, then you complete the level to move next progress. When you successfuly complete the levels your smile stretchs across your face, There are no in-game ads or IAP to interuppt when you play.