Ember developed by 505 Games (US) great RPG game makes you immersive and engaging for long time


Genre:Role playing GameDeveloper: 505 Games (US), Inc.

The game Ember developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. This is one of my favorite game like Final Fantasy both have their own style of mechanics involved in game with new challenges and trying to revive both concepts classics of the strategy games of 80s and 90s. The story in the game is very rich and intriguing and does the excellent job playing homage to the old-school RPG and the controls make an acceptable mechanics to touchscreen devices. You can experience the game has taken multiple lements from the RPG greats such as Icewind Dale, Scared ,Diablo and Pillars of Etenity and divinity many more.


The story in the game as you play a character who just  been revived from death and you will be going back to journey to findout what is happening and save the land. Also you discover that you’re a member of an ancient group of guardians known as Lightbringers. In another defination for Embers in story However once a magical materials fell from the sky and were harvested who turned into armour and weapons, jewelry and these chunks of magical stuffs are called Ember. They act as life protector of flame or Lightbringers were charged with keeping the peace, until one day veil of darkness was lifted which caused their eventual downfall. Fortunately we are the powerful-Lightbringer that caused being brought life has taken away most of your power. So goal Regain your power, memory and save world from Darkbringers

The game starts out with an amnesiac  protagonist who’s been asleep for centuries but still gives a story of solid world of building. You will find lots of love for Ember, its a pretty nifty game with more guidance not feeling shatteredstill enough freedom to not feel too forced. with tapping to designate targets and activate special abilities. One backdraw I found in a game is menus, it almost took me a while to figure out how to use items on other than a main character and to speed up the game or get extra powers you will find treasures and gems, pelts scattered all overe the world and can be found on enemies. And dozes of spells and skills that can be embeded in maginal equipment, leather armour robes many more. Also you can go for customization.



The weapons in the game play a high role skills to do  what the weapon is like   strong   melee abilities with swords or powerful magical speels with wands. And some armours can give the same skills evern they suit diffrent type of play like a group heal aility on both heavy plate mail and cloth armour for casters. And some equipment items I found are expensive which can be used in fighting and there are lot more discover in game which involves Smithing, Tailoring , Alchemy cooking which loads lot of potential in terms of recipes to discover and craft.Embers’s World is incredibly tough and I’m dam sure people will be already fans and wandering through it. With amazing great RPG work which will immersive and engaging and game will not put down. And plenty of things to discover and keep engaged for long time