Automic Super Lander developed by Crescent Moon Games save the earth from asteroid.

Automic Super Lander

Genre: Arcade Developer:Crescent Moon Games

The game Automic Super lander developed by Crescent Moon Games as shown a great senario in the game like if meteor strike to the earth what can we do we will loade a nuclear bomb in the rocket and point them at the rocket then destruction or bombard takes place. What we do think their is a senario like five meteor is headed towards earth or 100 its a nightmare, that’s on course to crash straight into Earththis  this is what Automic Super Lander about.

The solution they suggest is magical in combat system. Instead you sending valuable national treasures like Owen Wilson into space, and unknown little guys go instead. The idea here is not stopping the meteors in nevertheless the same, albe it in a distilled form. Task is you make to land your ship into one of the meteors and plant a nuke in a specified location, and go back to your ship and hightailit out of there before settinf off the charge. And you will be moved to next meteor and take responsibility to save the earth before the time. Sounds easy but things get complicates when millions of things go wrong when you land on ship.


Your ship may crash and will shipwreck when trying to land. Dont step back be brave little hero and carry on your mission. It’s necessary to master and avoid all the dangerous obstacles and set the ship down better reason to find the geyster underneath which will quickly blasts your ride home into upper atmosphere. Also alien moster can attack you. As you set adventure on each individual asteroid, you’ll likely discover some items which can help you out like oxygen bubbles, time-stopping power-ups and even plutonium, which is very useful to unlock new things between rounds like additional lives. Which is controlled by a simple- virtual button and control mechanics is superb . which is nice to handle and simple enough feels like you can fight the battle what you want to do.

Atomic Super Lander keeps the curiousity to play the game were you except the eject button you can accidently hit. And you can punch to defend yourself and pick up and throw items on the ground, jump or boost around with your jetpack as long as you have oxygen support. Beyound the core concept of the game atomic super lander has a wonderful sense of style. Which makes players still fascinating one from short quips to the president regarding the progress to the ridiculous and occasionally referential to armed passwords for your bombs eleveate above the general glut of rougelikes . You start the game with 3 astronauts, and still can ean more . And blowing up the meteor with the help of astronaut will cost you lot. also make lots of items damage on the floor. Take three hits and the power-ups boxes shuffled on the meteors which has health drinks. There are some signs like if you loose astronauts then your ships are destroyed cutting off your escape. Through slot-machines you take power-ups and pick -ups to earn extra astronauts and other gifts.


Atomic Super Lander’s main issue is one of pacing when you start new space rocks in the game which are simple to complete but once success destroy the five the difficult spikes up dramatically, jamming asteriods with enemies and many obstacles you will face which is very challenging. And your main goal is to perform high score and keep the progress and unlock new ships by collecting gears and cards to perform better tasks. Cards come with some flovour text and some value beyound simply serving an achievement system. And new ships you gain have own special traits, helps to go far beyound the levles more easily. And meteors are different each time as you play so cann’t expect what is next which forces you focus on learning how to prepare for situations like to fly, rather than remembering layouts.

If you’re looking for challenging game with rougelike with great cham then Atomic Super Lander’s is for you. So if you keep good sense of humor about inevitable failures which will be fun and keeps thrill. This game is tough but with fun in its own way.The presentation of the game helps keep things light with its colorful comic style. And Atomic Super Lander takes to a world of  fun game,it has done pretty impressive good job of combining a couple of different types of genres together.