Top 10 Mobile games of the week ,Enjoy these new games, download and have fun on your weekends.

1.Hackers – Join the Cyberwar! (by Matous Jezek)

Genre: Puzzle Developer:Matous Jezek

Hackers is developed by Matous Jezek which is a online strategy game, your task is to build up an untraversable cyber 3D network  and hack other players around the world. You can also use full-frontal or movement attack in the game and voilet attack against opponents. Game features multiplayer game and enjoy 70 story missions in which you will involve in various events like country’s revolution or presidential election. You can check tutorials and youtube if game is confusing you and game is quit impressive in its own style.

Hackers will be free-to-play with IAP’s.




2.Twisted Lines –  By Megagon Industries

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Megagon Industries

Twisted Lines developed by Megagon Industries a beautiful Mind-twisting Puzzles game. The objective of the game  is solid square collect all of the hollow squares that are on the board. Mechanic involved is collect the hollowed squares and were solid squares has to be same color. And cross the lines to swap colors and collect all hollow squares to solve the puzzle. A unique game mechanic wrapped in a beautiful minimalist design. You will come across various twists like  Chapter 1, The Possibility Space Chapter 2: shortcuts Chapter 3.Dancing Alone, Chapter 4:New Beginnings , Chp 5:new Love ,The Rabbit Hole, so on .



3.Huetopia (by ZealTopia Interactive)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:ZealTopia Interactive

Huetopia is developed by ZealTopia Interactive which is a new color based puzzler were you need to shift carefully around blocks by sliding and rotating blocks using small square notches. The game is very impressive mainy developed to relax because no timer and restricted moves just brain simulation game. complete with a set of nodes and a collection of blocks divided into colored scetions. play the games by aligning these colored blocks with the right -colored parts of the screen by rotating and dragging them. Game is assigned with set of challenging rules.Horizontal and Vertical blocks can only be dragged along those axes, and blocks only rotate clockwise. These sepecific and limited movement of series forces you to consider each move which makes you place blocks in correct spots
Feels like game is inspired from Think Shift from  Unexpect3rd Developments  and from Noda and game has incredible and minimalist design with simple physics used.

4.Primordia (by Wadjet Eye Games LLC)

Genre:Action & Developer Developer:Wadjet Eye Games LLC

Primordia developed by Wadjet Eye Games were it takes to a place humans are extinct and robots are merely a ruled the world and you play a character as Hortio Nulbuilt and his sarcastic flying helper, Crispin. There living style is very simple flying around in their ship and scavenging until their only energy source was stolen from them by a flying robot named Scrapper. Without their power of enery source they will die, So it’s crucial that they find it. they have to set quest in robot race and uncove truth about Horatio’s unknown past.


5.Don’t Pop! Dungeon (by Shane Masters)

genre:Startegy developer:Shane Masters

Game Don’t Pop Dungeon developed by Shane Masters an RPG Dungeon crawler game challenge yourself in the Dungeon game and discover new inhabitants in the deep jungle and discover the treasure and collect them all. Developer has developed in a unique style and This is no ordinary dungeon crawler, it is a dungeon flyer Never go through the same dungeon route twice as every level will always be different. So enter the dark abyss in endless Dungeon with special power-ups to use your ideas against incoming projectiles.



6.Corgi Pro Skater By Alexandre Ferrero

genre:Arcade Developer:Alexandre Ferrero

The game Corgi Pro Skater developed by Alexandre Ferrero with minimalist design and Ride your favorite puppy dog with skateboards in this endless Platformer game by unlocking various dogs and beaware of hazards while skateing the dog. I gurantee you will really enjoy this fun adictive and get immersive in game itself for hours.



 7.Tons of Bullets! (By FredBear Games)

Genre:Arcade Developer:FredBear Games

Tons of Bullets developed by FredBear Games a retro 2D pixel platformer game where you guide as Kenji the Ninja. He sets his mission to save his girlfriend from Dr. Mad and his creatures like penguins. Be prepared to face hazards like snow field, Lava and Submerged caves and uncover secrets of rooms to obtain new weapons against Dr.Mad who has special powers like bots and guns as they will shoot anyone in sights.
appstore (by Pine Entertainment)

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Pine Entertainment

o:anquan developed by Pine Entertainment some of the impressives works are solitaire and Higher Higher and this time its number puzzle game o:anquan with minimalist design involved. And the incredibel idea inspired from traditional Vietnamese children’s board game. Which is great brain simulator and timekiller.Enjoy game with flowness of dynamic music and sound game keeps you hooked for longer time.




9.Square Borne Farm (by Chomp Chomp Apps)

Genre: Arcade Developer: Chomp Chomp Apps

Game Square Borne Farm developed by Chomp Chomp feels like game has inspired from Angry Birds. The game has asthetic design and brilliant physics mechanics used with incredibly impressed challenging puzzle levels. You can see how much effort put by developer to excute the game. Task assigned to the player is aid heroes in this adventure game and recover the lost carrots in the farm lands which is very fascinating and keeps you busy for long hours.



10.Test Chamber Challenge (by PHB Media Ltd)

Test Chamber Challenge Developed by PHB Media Ltd test your skill by Test chamber Headquarters by genius scientists, by puting you in his puzzle chamber by completeing  levels in his minimalistic levels by using IQ power and thinking in all possible directions. The game takes you to next level by completeing each room.