The Rail Runner Developed by Benfont Limited set your mission in a cyberpunk-dystopian future ruled by the Central Intelligence

The Rail Runner

Genre:Adventure Developer: Benfont Limited

In this fast-paced action-packed futuristic gameplay that you won’t be able to put down the game seems like inspired from super powerboy. Which is unique and challenging one, people who generally loves to explore will certainly be rewarded for it. But you can also free to just take the game as it comes and move steadily towards your goal. With better visuals, and beautiful level design and faster pace, It would’ve been a perfectly solid game. As it stands, however, The Rail Runner is even worth the briefest of looks.

I was in gameing section from past many years and always love to browse something unique and fun. Especially I always keep playing brain simulation game it keeps your brain sharp even when your are busy. But now I developed my interest towards platformer games after huge hit games like Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. The Railway Runner is a new concept so was immediately attracted and intrigued towards it as soon as I saw in Appstore. Because these types of games won’t put you down and very rare. It’s a small game but well thought out set of skills, and gives you just enough space to make your own solutions to the game’s misson, without overwhelming you in the process.


The visuals in the game has asthetic design and appealing one and colors in the game is bright and rich textures used which can look great on retina screen. Animation in game is smooth and neatly executed we can see how well developed has worked in the screen. With great atmospheric soundtrack which helps you focus on the gameplay.

In this fast-paced action paced Rail Runner. Sets the mission by Central Intelligence in a cyberpunk-dystopian future set your mission modes in eight different missions and levels and face the toughest challenges and get ready. In Infinite mode which will help you in your journey to defeat the Central Intelligence and their drones while setting challenging distance records. Player can enjoy three diffrent modes Jeppack mode, Platformer mode, Triggered Propulsion mode it seems there are more depth you have to explore in the gameplay. So be ready to take the toughest challengest and ready to face obstacles. There is also lot of freedom of movement in game but  your goal is both clear and established on the game ahead, so it can end up fairly linear in practice. This new gameplay mechanics will , at times, fundamentally change how you play the game, but there is a lot of pizazz involved.


I Love to play games which has got lots of attentions and new game mechanics introduced to  the stores The Rail Runner is one among them. and its simply impressive with the stunning visuals and many challenging modes which you can feel there is lots of deep staffs involved in the story.