Sticklings developed by Djinnworks lead tiny little sticklings towards magical portal.


Genre:Puzzle Developer:Djinnworks

The game Sticklings developed by Djinnworks. It feels like game has inspired from 90’s puzzle-platformer game called Lemmings. you are like leader other Stickmas follows you exactly the path you have choosen, so its your responsibility to take them in correct directions to reach magical portal.sticking2

I’m in gaming industry from past many years, were I have noticed one thing many people are fascinating towards puzzle games. Also developers are more creative on puzzle games in all kinds. Even I have developed my interest on puzzle games, which is always unique and challenging with great physics mechanics used. And its being fun to watch your progress in the game over time as you try and progress with each attempt, so no matter how many puzzles games have come and gone but Sticklings is the one which attracked to my eyes, which can find very rare type of games these days.

Visually speaking The game has minimalistic design with grey and whitesh background which is neat and subtle, and characters are lovely with tiny people even though the game Sticklings appers to be flat there is a bit of depth added to it. Animation in the game are smooth and superb, with the appealing games look, everything look perfect for atmospheric soundtrack. Also 3-D quality looks great on retina screen which will immerse with more detailed used in depth. And sound effects aids to focus on the game with thrill to move on.

The game appears to be huge number of creatures are moving towards an exit by useing various tools. I was rather impressed to see sticklings carried well with old-classic style and  minimalistic aesthetic, trying to keep genre alive. Sticklings is a unique puzzle game sets mission to get a herd of stickmans into their objectives by using various abilities. Now its players responsibility to lead other stickmans right path by blocking, jumping, throwing bomb and self destructing. As we see sticlings are really confused trying to go safely towards magical portal so to achieve this you have to give some tasks and boosts, tools to help them push others in a specific direction or just clear path.

You can guide sticklings according to you its like puppet they follow your instruction. Block them by stopping other Stickings from going other direction and make them jump high or speed them up in air and give instruction by setting up stairs or let them die by setting them into living bomb. It gives great satisfaction because you set rules and solutions in the game  puzzles. we can observe each puzzle have their own set of rule if you finish and win a level within time you will be rewarded with stars. Sticklings is more fun because you have to select a best way within specific set of time with your own solution. By showing your smartness you can complete levels successfully.
I heard sometimes creating unusall machine will put you in confusion and puzzled thinking how to take in right direction. I can say Sticklings is a confusing and challenging game with its own style. It will put you in loop trying to find perfect solution.
 I can say overall Sticklings is a perfect game at the same time frustrating. SInce it leads to numerous trials and self-destruction. Planned solution extremely go in wrong direction and challenging levels push you into next levels. And game is free from ads and no in app purchase.