Sorcery 4 developedby inkle which is a last stage of long quest and testing your skill in inkle’s game turned into one book which is most interesting and mutual experience.

Sorcery! 4

Genre:Adventure Developer:By inkle

The game Sorcery 4 developed by inkle which is a best RPG game with modern ideas of mobile version, of a gamebook. With great mechanics involved and unique presentation in the form of gamebook. Game has reached its final chapter in its own way and all the series in the past are exceuted well by the developer.


Sorcery part 4 is same as other three series with continueing characters roles from game to game. Which is not bad idea just focusing on character and story with great outcomes and solution in this adventure series. The full series of the adventure game gives nice ending to a saga with morphed changes in lifespan and remain one of the best RPG games all times and gives a great experince for newcomers with complete adventure platformer here, no need prior knowledge to enjoy it. In sorcery part 4 you have to consider all things  which is adorable and great achivement to the series, which includes the best aspects of all three previous games. And it shows fasinating to explore deeper with long route and constantly thinking for better outcome of solution.


This is your final last stage of your quest. You have to start your quest in ascending high Xaman mountain and gain access Archmage’s fortress and recover the crown of kings by whatever measures you take. In mountains where lots of route you can explore and takes you several tenable routes, when some paths are more effective than others. If you are regular to High Xaman mountain then it would be easy though Archmage’s fortress takes you to a endless route also have to use many resources to find games endings. The Crown of King is very difficult and challenging among the books.

Speaking about the visuals its continues to be beautiful with 3-D maps whixh as presented well. Everything presented in the game in a style of  giant solo board game. And neatly exceuted hand-drawn painting which brings life to every character with text scrolling from top to bottom in torn notes. following the writings with spell-casting interface. Colors choosed from bright to soft pastels looks nice on retina screen.

The battle in the game is managed well, it will be quit easy you know enemy and their tells. The battles in the gameplay are focused on players ability and follow texts for more powerful battle and great ideas. And combat its usually attack and defend concept with combat system is better, by making each encounter feel as dangerous. So a very challenging and over thinking combat system. You have to practice a lot to master it. because your goal is both clear and established on the road ahead.

I can say there are many choices you can make and explore many things yourself. Which will have great impact, decisions you make and there are some situations that occur at current moment during choices you made episodes ago and so many things I want to go back and do differently to see what differences it would make under games spell. Its like testing your skill in inkle’s game which turned book into amazing experiences which you will enjoy this year. Its worth every penny checking out and giving one try.