Batman – The Telltale Series brings the world of both Bruce Wayne and Batman enjoy play the series of game

Genre:Adventure Developer:The Telltale Series

Batmen is developed by The Telltale Series were it brings best of both worls of Bruce Wayne and Batman. In past years developer only focused on the dark cautious and heavy fighting mechanics but at present developer Telltale Series explained in brief and brought Bruce Wayne into picture and wants every player to experience story.


Every one loves  Batman specially kids and they love to read comics book Batman:The Animated Series including me and  Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy(included series) has became huge success in box office. So try in the shoes of Batman/ Bruce Wayne and think hoe will you anser the press conference, and how he would talk to friend when he is in knife’s edge between good and evil. Telltale gives opportunities to experience in the first episode of the Batman Telltale game series.

Here Developer has shown great concern on Batman’s family original and interesting  that he is in a shock in terms of news about his parents and their ties of crime. The take to a episode of evelations, and my God, are there some zingers and story starts off on crime alley, and off the bat and with sad information on Bruce’s parent . After finishing the episode you will get the feeling of Were Telltale takes a story wre they may be started bit wobbly but You feel Dveloper has control sinking ship and I’m happy with great story and its important Telltale has been focusing on every small character within batman universe. Also some of the characters are missing like joker, Riddle or Robin which might displayed on later series. And in the episode Bruces, childhood friend is crime boss not Oswald. I felt story has taked bit turn.

The developer focused on decision makeing how the story changes it depends on how you react on certain situation. Children of Arkham always features tough choices because we will be struggling to overcome from situation. In some situation being Batman is hard to make decisions also putting his mindset gives character new direction . The game design is fantastic with fine detailed and decent colors gives nice environment look. The Voice-acting in most episode gives plus point to Btaman series. And Children of Arkham is a great episode gives nice opening to the world of Batman with fresh twist. And playing Batman gives great experience like watching real movie.

Since Being a batman is a challenging role with move interactive scenes and you will be incharge of entire situation created wheather its good or bad. When you play a character as Bruce its necassary to interact with various characters for decision making. with many scenes unfold you will come across as you play.

I love to play this game because I’m already great fan of Batman series. Also tests your decision making skills and outcome will decides story of Bruce. Combat system decides your reflexive skills in this episodic series and unraveling a mystery or crime scene is a huge part of it.