Smurfs Epic Run developed by Ubisoft enjoy infinite runner game.

Smurfs Epic Run

 Genre:Arcade  Developer:Ubisoft

Smurfs Epic run is developed by Ubisoft, if you love Smurfs or good old-fashioned cartoons then you would defeinetly worth checking out game Smurfs Epic Run. Around the time I was in high school, I loved to stay up late night and watch cartoon network. One of those cartoons I use to often watch was Smurfs and I’m a big fan of the series and I never miss any single episode which was aired on the channels. Those episodes are pretty unforgettable moments. Those precious few moments I really enjoyed vey much, wanted to explain, had an amazing time.
As the title of the name implies Smurfs Epic Run is an auto-runner game. Each levels in the game doesn’t take long minute to complete just two or minute. Which suits best for bitesizes nature of game. Just control the running smurf across each level by escaping there fellow smurfs and picking up any collectibles. Visuals are gorgeous and asthetic design, and controls in the game are simple you just have to tap for jump and hold the tap to fly depending upon what current action of the game. and simplicity is constant throught the game. During taking direction of your choices you jump over spikes or gaps  also you have to be very quick in action. Also you feel more satisfaction which you won’t feel down by anything other than your quick speed. If you fail better restart insted of continueing by using premium currency.
Spaeking about game levels you have to earn one star to complte stage and with two for rescuing all trapped Smurfs and then third for taking certain coins. But not difficult to earn three stars. If you miss a trapped surf just restart the stage again and also levels are in random cann’t expect what you’re going to get. Which keeps you thrill in the game.
Smurfs Epic Run is freemium based game which is really best part of it. But the gae levels are bit bored I feel. The most iportant part is the energy system you have so much energy that effects how any times you can play a level before it has to recharge. Because you can notice first few levels are pretty enjoyable which give prettynoppurtunity to play but later to have energy to play few levels and wait ton recharge. It’s a risky move. And all level are very easy no need for return. Smurfs Epic Run is a simple game with lots of fun.
Like other games Smurfs Epic Run offers many coins to unlock new interesting characters, items, and equipment which are pretty good idea. These will boost your chances to collect more stuff and chances to play longer time and keeps fun. The characters in the game are quit appleaing and cute, with diffrent types of smurfs this is like game goes in terms of offering up important persnality. Complete certain missions to unlock extra bonuses. These things keeps interesting for long duration. I feel game should have been more challenging with diffrent mechanics used still its a pretty game which takes back to old-school memory.
I suggest you to try games once which are cute little smurfs are great fun. Discover a gorgeous, magical and funny world which is inspired from the original Smurf comic-books.