Vito Jump n Roll is developed by Juergen Lang where Vito can roll, jump and fly in this physics based puzzle game and help in mission to find lost dog.

 Vito Jump ‘n’ Roll

genre:Adventure Developer:Juergen Lang

The game Vito Jump ‘n’ Roll developed by Juergen Lang a physics based puzzle platformer game. It seems game has inspired from Leo’s Fortune and and Tilt Quill’s Quandary. Were cute little Vito with fury hair can roll, jump, and fly. Also one who enjoy playing Leo’s fortune and Tilt Quill’s Quandary game will definetly enjoy Vito jump ‘n’ Roll puzzle platformer game.


Over the years, I’ve played many games in my life especially on my mobile phones. Also I enjoy wide variety of games but some of my favorite on mobile continues to be platformer games, because it gives me great satisfaction and experience after playing a game. When I saw Vito Jump ‘n’ Roll for the first time yesterday on appstore. I was intrigued by its appealing look and artstyle, who can resist such adorable game.  And in Vito Jump you play as a being called Vito and your mission is to find missing little dog none otherthan vito’s best buddy.

The visuals in Vito Jump are beautiful and fantastic, you can check looking at its screenshots. Also cartoonish characters in the game are rather impressive especially Hero fury vito with subtle details that gives it a bit of depth which might look great on retina screen. Colors used are soft pastels with rich colors are neatly exceuted with atmospheric soundtrack. I can say Developer has done fabulous job in creating fantastic world for charming game. The game not only has exquisite artwork but also makes you completely immerse in the gameplay.


This is a story of Vito a fury little cute monster, who has lost his buddy dog within a small period of negligence. So guide your friend vito by following bones on every level by solving puzzle and defeting boss battles. Collecting bonus in your mission will unlock power ups which will make vito powerful and gives ability like flying or stickying in object and to reach levels. There are total 30 puzzle solving interesing levels you can play in a game. Beginning you feel quit easy and later as you move on progress levels its complexity increases so plan before you die. It takes time to master the level. Game has two modes story mode and trial mode. You have to complete story mode to unlock trial mode in gameplay. Also there are interesting features in the game like compete with your friends and show achievements and in game center Leaderboards.

I Suggest to play this game once which is great fun by challenging obstacles and battle bosses , and I can also guarantee game will be good collection on your mobile devices. that takes you to explore different atmospheric stages and lots of interesting themes you come across.