Henry the cloud- Henry Set his adventures journey to discover the world and guide him well by escaping from obstacles.

Henry the Cloud

Genre:Arcade Developer:Dual Cortex Gaming

The game Henry the cloud developed by Dual Cortex Gaming the game looks unique and fresh. If you love game Mario then definitely you would love to play this game. The game takes you to the wonderful world and explore the beautiful lush environment and perfect platformer to test your reflexsive skills, and this game is made for whole family.

I have come across many types of games from past few years in appstore and many games didn’t stick to me as time passes. Infact only some games remain memorable. I mean to say there must be something special about the game. So that it will there in our permanent memory for a long time like mario game. Even Henry the Cloud is one among them which will be added to my favorite list of games. I was astonished by its cartoonist visuals and simple mechanics used. this is  a simple game with minimal mechanics used. You have to guide heroic Henry in the adventure journey to fly in air, by escaping him from obstacles. In the beginning game looks simple, but as you move to progress level its complexity increases. Dont get freked out because tutorial will help you out and make easier to workout.


The game takes you to a imaginary world were cloud named Henry will set off his adventurous journey through sky. And he will face many obstacles like flying birds, hot air balloons, mountains, and large threat from Joe the Cumulonimbus and Pete the Pelican. many more by exploring different worlds. And achieve more powers  by the help of power rainbows and score high by swiping bursts in wind and to move the cloud.

Visually speaking game has asthetic design and cartoonish charcters which is hand-drawn charcaters looks appealing one. And colors range from rich vibrant color that contrast nicely with the mix of all colors. Graphics are fantastic and smooth which gives neat and fine art to eyes. Controls in the game are simple and easy to manage which can unlock the equipment to combine items. Also the powers were Henry can set to his journey and show your skills on leaderboards. Also Henry can unlock various characters and items that will help him to later stages to complete the levels. Upgrade the boosts by collecting Droplets, score high points and  compete with Facebook friends or show your acievements on the global leaderboards. The levels in the games are bit different each time you play, because you never know what to expect from game to game, forcing you to focus on learning how to deal the situation on how to reach highscore

I suggest you to try this game once which is very challengind and fun. Also its free to play game will make you immersive in the world of Henry the Cloud and its always fun to compete with other players in a game like this and if nothing else, seeing just how low even the highest scores are makes me feel a little better about my inability to complete the journey.