dronelander_1Drone Lander By Sysreb is a superb adventure game packed with a challenge to land the drone.

I keep playing games in my smartphone whenever I am free. Last weekend I was just exploring the play store for some new challenging game and that is when i got to know about Drone Lander.


dronelander_2The visuals in Drone Lander look great for a mobile game. The animations in the game are incredibly smooth and fluid. The atmospheric soundtrack is pretty calming, so it should help you focus on your mission of landing the drone. You will enjoy the game better with best fpv goggles for drones.

dronelander_3You might take a little time to master the controls of the game. But once you master it you will enjoy playing the game. The control on the left is to change the drone direction – forward, backward, left, right. The arrows on the right controls rpm – up increases rpm which means drone is flying up; down decreases rpm and drone starting to land.

The basic drone controls has some lag, try to decrease rpm slowly and if you see you are landing too fast increase to maximum rpm. To change drone direction try to keep finger for direction control a bit longer.

dronelander_4In Drone Lander each flight requires one battery bar. To get one Battery bar you have to either wait for 10 minutes or you can get it immediately by watching a video.

There are 7 completely different drone models. Each drone has unique features: altitude (maximum altitude it can reach), acceleration (rpm sensitivity; how fast it can increase/decrease rpm), handling (handling sensitivity, more handling it has less lag it feels), speed(how fast it can fly).dronelander_5The game has  3 difficulty options: Beginner has very small wind forces effect (easy to land), Advanced has some wind forces effect and Expert has more wind forces effect which is really hard to control and land. If you choose advanced or expert you can receive more gold than in beginner.

dronelander_6To make the game more challenging there are 3 additional achievements and you can get bonus gold for it. They are Precise – must land in the center of circle, Fast – must land as fast as possible, Super – must land very fast.

dronelander_7As far as content goes, Drone Lander is jam packed with it. There are over 45 levels to accomplish which makes the game challenging and addictive. I highly recommend trying Drone Lander and I will bet you it won’t be easy to land.