Vulture Island is developed by Donuts games a retro style platformer game help Benjamin in helping his missing friends.

Vulture Island

Genre:Arcade Developer: Donuts Games

 Vulture Island is developed by Donut Games, a retro style platformer game this is what we are waiting from the developers of Traps and Gemstones. They are known for there minimal design and unique type of games and the game Traps and Gemstones grabbed award back in 2014 after long waiting of two years they have developed plaformer game Vulture Island. It looked quit impressive in first launch itself.
The game Vulture Island is a classic look retro style platformer looks like inspired from StoneBack Prehistory game and Traps N’ Gemstones .
When I saw game for the first time I couldn’t resist the game thought of writing review about it. I just read Vulture island going to release but no news on release date but suddenly appeared on the appstore I was overjoyed to see game from developer Donut games were Traps and Gemstones was one of my favorite game in my collection on my device which is also a Metroidvania-style puzzle platformer. This game gave me a surprise all of a sudden I personally love this game due to its unique artstyle more than that its a explorer game and it has all the feature and interesting theme what one player will expect from a game.
vultureislandThe task of the game is a boy name Benjamin is a researcher loves to do amazing things. So one fine day he built spectacular flying machine and decides to take his bunch of friends around the world, but unfortunately on the first flight sessions all find friends went missing and machine broke into pieces. Now he has to discover his missing friends in vulture Islands so he will set to discover his missing friends and start to explore the Island. You have to overcome various obstacles like hostile animals, roaming enemies and you can also take help from strangers and like retrieving helping items on current level and using it on other level. The game is like a puzzle game rather than a platformer one. You explore between levels on a overworld map by talking with strangers and collecting coins and picking weapons within stages. and  Sneak aboard the pirate ship, speak to friendly people down the village, collect clues inside the temple or perhaps you rather want to go and find out who hides in the swamp
Controls in the game look simple and easy to manage and visuals will take back to classic old-school look which are aesthetic in design and graphics are with smooth and neat, colors are bright and rich. Inn the levels you enjoy battle bosses and solve puzzle in every stage. While animation are smooth and superb, soundtrack are chiptune music overall its a complete package and entertaining game.
Game supports MFi Controllers and ION Arcade Controllers and you enjoy a game a lot which takes you to a different classical story and game mechanics and you can see developer has done fabulous job in creating this game. Also be prepared to die several times in this challenging game.