Leo’s Fortune is a gorgeous platformer adventure game where he hunts for stolen gold.

Leo’s Fortune

Genre:Action Developer:1337 & Senri LLC

Leo’s Fortune is a beautiful platformer game which gives you a satisfying experience after playing a game. Where game takes you to find mysterious thief who had stolen your gold and you set to explore adventurous places like beautiful landscapes, snowy mountains,  desert places and many more. Developer has done great job in creating fantastic visual effects which looks photorealistic on in the screen.


Speaking about Leo’s character he is a rolling little moustache monster infinite runner, set his quest to hunt thief who stole his precious gold. I love to write reviews of games which has great handcrafted-visual effects, though the game Leo’s adventure released two years back still I love to play this amazing game. And leo’s adventure met huge success both due to Leo’s charm and difficulty in solving puzzle which has more challenging and head scratching puzzle theme, great physics mechanics involved with delightful atmospheric environment.

Leo’s adventure has five different regions each you have to follow the gold and he meets various relatives sees taking his luck and come across various item were he interacts and takes him to next map. And in all levels he has to collect the gold coins and some hidden items will be triggered. In most of the parts there are traps and solve the puzzle to complete levels. In total there are 20 levels to solve variety of puzzles with four bonus levels and this can be achieved by taking certain stars in first four  chapters of level . Also stars can be collected by taking all gold coins we have to practice a lot to achieve these bonus levels. Beginning of the levels are simpler but as successful complete stages with progress let game’s puzzles becomes difficult with physics mechanics. And there are variety of items to solve the puzzle which will immerse in the game play and keep you interested.


The game has a aesthetic visuals with neat texture and leo’s charcter to realistic graphics of environment looks bright and rich colors used with animation are smooth and fanastic and great mechanic control. Leo is interesting character who is very smooth flowing in nature and with high speed. At the same time leo’s can move excessively high to lower the rate of descent also you have to get use to his nature with practice and master it. The game seems like a mixer of Super Meatboy and Hedgehog. Also they you feel memorable when you play such a gorgeous game with each unique mechanics in all the levels.

Overall its a superb package of High Quality visuals with different levels, countless physics platforms with good narrative story, that takes you to explore different atmospheric stages and lots of interesting themes you come across. So enjoy this intriguingly infinite runner and intense mustachio monster.