Tower Rumble Step onto the battlefield of Artyficia and cast your spell combos in Tower Rumble

Tower Rumble By Steven McCall

Genre:Aracade Developer:Steven McCall

The game Tower Rumble developed by Steven McCall, this is a fast-paced action and strategic game. Show your skills in this epic battlefield of Artyficia also play with your friends and score high.

I have played many Match-3 games but never found so exciting and fun as this one. When I saw today morning I was intrigued by the simple design and unique concept, with Hand-drawn painting artstyle couldn’t resist the game. I was really impressive by  games theme as well as its mechanics executed very well. Enjoy the world of Artyficia which is a crazy mix of MOBA, strategic match 3 and Tower Attack. Task of the game is to destroy enemy towers by building strong army against your opponents and by unleashing spells, traps and powerups in compact and in this epic battlefield by matching spell colors and swiping.

 There are some tricks to become powerful in this epic battle by mastering strategy through building skills and making traps and random power-ups to gain complete dominance. There are total 40 levels in the game to challenge your friends and test your ability. So its great opportunity to show your challenging skills in battle bosses of campaign mode. If you go for upgrades you can unlock 42 different skills and rewards, with permanent bonus. and upgrading tower will unlock powers to your army.


Tower Rumble has a minimal design and speaking about colors which are bright and whitish mix looks perfect for battlefield. Animation are smooth and fluid, graphics has fine details with texture and hand-drawn painting brings lives to the character. Controls are simple and easy just concentrate on increasing scores. Beginning of the levels are quit easy, when you show your progress on later stages complexity increases this shows the challenging nature of game. And there is No lag in my mobile devices, soundtrack are whimsical and bubbly which makes you keep focus on the game. Overall its complete package of fun and entertainment

I suggest to play the game Tower Rumble once, which gives you full entertainment and fun. right now I am still on beginning of my game later levels complexity increases. I hope you enjoy the game.