Broken Age – Takes you to the world of fairy tale and mysterious world

Broken Age

Genre:Puzzle Developer:Double Fine Productions

The game developed by Double Fine Production Its a 2-D hand drawn animation which has executed very well. This game is first adventure game from Tim Schafer in 16years which has launched in many platforms. The games concentrates on life of two protagonist The game takes you two main characters the boy names Shay and girl Vella. Shay is bored at being coddled in his futuristic shapeship and girl was resisted against the backward tradition by villagers. Also she is dealing tough situation of her life in a context of life and death because in village maidens of certain age are offered to feed a monster that threaten to end all. This is a party time for beast and decides to go against old tradition and escape

In the game many physics mechanics were introduced like spacecraft which looks like an amusement park inside villa in the clouds, beautiful port we would love to have fun. Even a baker town created in game is a adorable idea smells of sweets and smooth butter are some locations we go through epic story. One thing I observed in the game there are so many dialogues involved in the game for every characters, game involved so many puzzles from simple solving to head-scratching but ultimately it forces to find clues in one world which helps to solve in another. which we enjoyed a lot in the game.


Elements in the game worked very well and delightful to see. All charcaters displayed in the game are well drawn and animated with the feeling of achievement and satisfaction for developer. Graphics are inspired from painted storybook and unique style with finely detailed textures and colors in the game are soft-palette and rich, vibrant all characters and elements , landscape and sky views are brought to life in most possible way. And speaking about controls physcis mechanics used in control like science fiction and colors used are are very eye-catching scenario. In addition to this you will experience perfect of soundtrack which gives  melodious to hear, so I suggest to buy good sound system with high volume.

In the game various artist are supported for voice Elijah Wood, Jack Black and masas Moyo with adds charm to the game and the the two adventure displayed in the game are separated for a long time. Players can select which ever character of their choice, this a fine work of developer to chose to tackle parallel action.


The Game allows you to explore wondering world and uncover mysterious you also experience the charm of the universe. The story is narrated with great interest and dialogue, entirely separate characters together in a good way, and parallel control works well. Solving part is very tricky and complexity increases when you progress. This gives Broken Age a good adventure game